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Kdowns007@att net | 09/09/17 - 14:40
Jander | 08/09/17 - 02:45
This website continues to send me unwanted e-mails and the opt out feature seems to intentionally not work. | 07/09/17 - 19:37
Can't seem to opt out. Please tell what to do so that I never hear from them again.
bjhay | 07/09/17 - 18:13
Can't get rid of this site. have opted out several times. getting tired of all the ads.
markus707 | 07/09/17 - 14:29
berk | 07/09/17 - 14:22
I have been trying to unsubcribe for months to no avail. I am tired of being bombarded by their emails daily. | 06/09/17 - 20:14
Please delete me from all your databases | 06/09/17 - 19:40
Please take me off! I will never buy from anyone advertising in your ridiculous spam emails | 05/09/17 - 19:46
Have gone to OPOUT hundreds of times, still get them, any way to stop these emails ????????? | 05/09/17 - 14:13
Yes! getting them and I hate it. Remove me.
Kim | 04/09/17 - 15:44
Still receiving unwanted emails. Remove me!
JODY | 03/09/17 - 20:40
I get them too. Have been since last fall. Never have been able to get them to stop. I have noticed now next to the opt out is an email address. Anyone try it to see what happens? I just forward all of the them to the FTC and hope they will stop them soon. I have decided I will never do business with any company that they advertise, including Home Advisor and Dish Network.
Vicki  | 02/09/17 - 19:24
Finally got them to stop so they have changed to The opt out doesn't even connect. These people are cowards and need to get a life! | 31/08/17 - 18:04
Remove my address from your list--permanently. It is s nuisance!  | 30/08/17 - 19:44
Please remove me from your e-mails!
NAYSKI2057@ATT.NET | 30/08/17 - 17:51
receive at least two a day. Unsubscribe and still get more. Need to find a way to report as spam. | 30/08/17 - 14:08
Can not block these emails. Have unsubscribed numerous times and now I do not open it just move it to junk. Please help us get this removed | 29/08/17 - 18:04
I have requested to be removed numerous times but continue to get emails even though the site says I've been removed. It never happens. As a matter of fact, I seem to get more emails instead of none!! | 28/08/17 - 16:54
I have reported this fraud scam to the FTC. They gave me confirmation number on investigation as to why site does not honor or provide legitimate UNSUBSCRIBE method. They advised that this is illegal and action will be taken.
Jacklyn Ann McNeil | 28/08/17 - 00:35
I cannot get this site to stop sending me emails even though I have unsubscribed. | 27/08/17 - 23:49
These people are nothing but SCAM! | 27/08/17 - 23:47
Yes, I keep deleting them and they keep sending. How can I get rid of them? | 27/08/17 - 23:13
YES I CONSTANTLY get emails from companies daily through them PLEASE UNSUBSCRIBE STOP THEM
Ad | 27/08/17 - 22:28
Stop sending spam!!! I have requested to be removed multiple times!!! | 27/08/17 - 14:47
Multiple daily spam e-mail that won't stop | 27/08/17 - 03:08
Are you stupid!!! Read your these reviews!!! No wants to get your mail!!! | 27/08/17 - 01:50
I'm constantly unsubscribing from emails from this group. It does no good. Surely, someone can stop this!
nisbow | 26/08/17 - 19:09
un-subscribe does not work, it only tells them that it is a good address and they keep sending out trash. Very in-cool. | 26/08/17 - 18:08
Please unsubscribe from your email list | 26/08/17 - 15:51
I have constantly unsubscribed to this web-site and yet I continue to receive unwanted email. Your badgering is not beneficial to my health. Stop soliciting me. I can't understand how the FTC does not take action against this company. It has to be illegal and yet they continue to get away with it | 26/08/17 - 15:41
Unsubscribed many times still getting unwanted emails remove my email from your site I don't want your emails again | 25/08/17 - 19:04
your website and your partners are a complete nuisance..irritation..annoyance with all the trash email I receive....give me some relief and find someone else to send your trashy email
tmj0464 | 25/08/17 - 16:02
I am tired of getting your e-mails every day! I am gong to report this website to the office of Kentucky Attorney General.
Keri | 24/08/17 - 05:06
I too have unsubscribed many of time and they will not stop. I hope it happens soon!,
Keri | 24/08/17 - 05:05
I too have unsubscribed many of time and they will not stop. I hope it happens soon!, | 24/08/17 - 04:55
paul | 23/08/17 - 17:47
I hate this site as it sends unsolicited adds 4-8 per day IT SUCKS
Julie | 19/08/17 - 05:48
I have requested to unsubscribe thousands of times. I hope a judge comes after you soon!
Gerard | 18/08/17 - 21:52
Hi would you mind stating which blog platform you're working with? I'm looking to start my own blog in the near future but I'm having a difficult time selecting between BlogEngine/Wordpress/B2evolution and Drupal. The reason I ask is because your design and style seems different then most blogs and I'm looking for something completely unique. P.S My apologies for being off-topic but I had to ask! Very Beautiful Backless Bridesmaid Dresses | 18/08/17 - 21:38
I have unsubscribed numerous times and continue to get emails. STOP SENDING ME EMAILS IMMEDIATELY FROM ALL ACCOUNTS | 18/08/17 - 14:03
I have unsucsribed too many times to count. Stop sending spam to my email address. I am not interested in any thing you have to offer. This has become such a nuisance that I am looking into my legal options.
Janherr | 18/08/17 - 03:09
Cannot get I unsubscribed | 17/08/17 - 01:55
Have tried to opt out many times yet still keep getting emails. Emails subj line is usually a disguise for unsolicited spam. | 16/08/17 - 15:47
I have unsubscribed to multiple emails under different company names. I want them all stopped immediately.
TMcg | 16/08/17 - 13:59
Yes. They pretend to be many sites (I.e. American Express) - I have opted out more than 100 times and they still continue to send me up to 10 emails a day. I have contacted their hosting company to attempt resolution.
Debbra Walker | 15/08/17 - 19:52
I have tried many times to unsubscribe to this who ever they are I cannot get rid of them | 15/08/17 - 17:22
I have "opted-out" 20 times and still receive emails. Stop please | 15/08/17 - 01:05
I keep getting emails and opting out doesn't help
k | 14/08/17 - 18:06
Can't stop emails coming from them...Annoying
gramps | 13/08/17 - 23:39
Tired of opting out and wasting time deleting the emails I have no use for. If you are reviewing these comments than please delete.
jk | 13/08/17 - 17:01
sick of these emails and not being able to opt out!!!!
llcanady | 13/08/17 - 14:28
Stop sending me these annoying emails ASAP! I am not interested in anything you have to offer! | 13/08/17 - 04:44
GET ME OFF YOUR EMAIL LIST. It's ridiculous! Opt-out is a crock. GOING TO FIND SOMEWAY TO STOP YOU. SCAM | 12/08/17 - 21:17
I have opted out of this site NO less than 100X. I am sick to death of it. There has to be a way to block them but I've had no luck so far!!! | 12/08/17 - 18:36
I unsubscribed from you emails countless of times and yet I keep getting them especially on weekends. Please show some integrity and take me off. I will never be sold on any of your products by being bullied. | 12/08/17 - 17:44
you are illegal and I will have my attorney deal with you
bills place | 11/08/17 - 21:11
I have opted out and unsubscribed from your emails sooooo many times!!!!! PLEASE delete me from your database.
Smallette1230@bellsouth,net | 11/08/17 - 19:15
I have turned this all over to the police. You are a scam company and I'm,DONE!! I have to my attorney also.
Smallette1230@bellsouth,net | 11/08/17 - 19:12
Stop sending me all this junk emails please. I keep opting out and more come. STOP!!!! I | 11/08/17 - 16:10
I have opted out dozens of time and still receive your junk. Please stop. I would never follow or but any of your products. | 11/08/17 - 03:10
PLEASE Stop sending me emails. I realize that you host a number of companies but your site's OPTOUT does not work. This needs to be reported. | 10/08/17 - 17:10
Unable to stop re ceiving! Please do something.
Eleanor Davis | 10/08/17 - 02:54
Please stop sending me emails! I have opted out about 30 timew but you keep seeing junk und a different headings. Please stop. Mark it as spam as soon as it appears!
Mparker | 09/08/17 - 22:42
12-20 ads daily. Annoying. How do I stop
Jod | 09/08/17 - 22:01
I never signed up for these. They do not honor opt out requests. I have forwarded to the FTC numerous time and still this junk continues. I have tried contacting the companies they list directly (if I can find a contact email address) and it has not helped. I must get 8+ of these daily and have been since last fall. Tried blocking the sender but email addresses change for each email. I guess the only thing left is to close my email address and set up a new one. | 09/08/17 - 20:49
I do not want to receive any emails for you or your affiliates. I have asked more than a dozen times however your affiliates bombard me with a enormous amount of junk email. Please STOP!!!!! | 09/08/17 - 16:52
Remove me from your email. Unscribe me. Stop emailing me. Goodbyes for good Bye for good | 09/08/17 - 16:49
Remove me from your email. Unscribe me. Stop emailing me. Goodbyes for good Bye for good
T. D. | 09/08/17 - 16:29
I have been "opting out" for the past 3 months and I continue to receive emails from them. The best way I can describe this company is they are like your drunk annoying cousin that wants to borrow money.
gina w | 09/08/17 - 15:56
I have been "opting out" for months and the emails just keep coming, it is a nuisance and an invasion of privacy just like a telemarketer that keeps calling | 09/08/17 - 15:44
You are very annoying pls delete me from your site unsubscribe me!!!!!
Nomore | 09/08/17 - 14:02
How to make it stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | 09/08/17 - 05:05
Opted out dozens of times. It refuses to unsubscribe me. Make it stop, please!!! | 08/08/17 - 22:14
Repeated requested to be deleted from email list over 20 times seems to be insufficient. I would appreciate appropriate action to delete my address from their email directory. | 08/08/17 - 18:37
Remove me from your site. | 08/08/17 - 17:31
I don't want to receive anymore emails!!!!!
STOP EMAILS | 08/08/17 - 16:53
STOP | 08/08/17 - 14:20
STOP emails
You know | 08/08/17 - 14:17
Annoying, please pleas stop the emails.
None | 08/08/17 - 14:15
How to STOP ALL emails | 07/08/17 - 23:56
Stop sending me this junk. | 07/08/17 - 22:39
I am tired of you. Maybe the fcc can help. You are the worst nightmare
john | 07/08/17 - 21:11
please delete me from e-mail address list | 07/08/17 - 20:11
Please take my email address off of your database. I have tried numerous times and have not been successful. My next step is report this to the ATTORNEY GENERAL'S OFFICE!
Hdrk95 | 07/08/17 - 20:01
Is there anyway to stop them from sending me spam
affourrier | 07/08/17 - 18:40
I have opted out over and over again and continue to get their e-mails. Is there any recourse for me to take?
Dwaller | 07/08/17 - 17:35
Have opted out over and over, day after day and still receive these unwanted, unsolicited emails. Make it stop!
Mj | 07/08/17 - 16:53
I keep opting out but they won't stop!! Filling up my email. How can I stop this.
tia | 07/08/17 - 12:20
Same story!! Can't opt-out!!!!!!!!
lawrence hern | 06/08/17 - 20:00
too many worthless emails can't stop them
mowit | 06/08/17 - 19:58
I meant unsubscribe in my post. I unsubscribe at least 5 times every day to these stupid things!
mowit | 06/08/17 - 19:57
They are like red ants. I subscribe over and over again and the ants just keep coming and stinging! I have jotted down the places to forward these emails to and I will try to do this from now on. I will do anything to make it stop!!!!!
Intenseroman | 06/08/17 - 18:17
Whitecolorfine is nothing but spam. No matter how many times you delete them it keeps coming back And back and back
Bygeorge | 06/08/17 - 01:09
I am tired of this spam email constantly. It come in like it is from a different sender each time. I opt out we h time & put it in spam also. How can I block | 05/08/17 - 23:15
The emails sent from this site should not be allowed once you tell them you're not interested. They just keep coming and this is so exasperating. Is there anything I can do to stop them?
Barbara | 05/08/17 - 10:34
I am constantly getting emails from this site. I opted out and unsubscribe every time and they just keep coming back. I have even replied back and asked them to stop. Also tried to email them and ask them to stop... No luck. There has to be a way can't get it to stop.
Vicki  | 04/08/17 - 21:15
I think everyone should forward every email to and see how they like it. Perhaps then they will do something.
Kathy | 04/08/17 - 17:39
I have opt out a hundred times. I get 4 to 5 emails a day from them please stop sending me emails.
Vicki  | 04/08/17 - 16:15
You can forward emails to They seem to be the only ones willing to listen. The domain comes from them. | 04/08/17 - 15:38
I cannot OPT OUT! Help!! I want this stopped!!
MLumb | 04/08/17 - 01:59
Stop sending emails already! I have unsubscribed daily for weeks now!!! | 04/08/17 - 00:53
Same story as everybody else have opted out multiple times turned it to spam and still continue to get multiple emails daily | 03/08/17 - 23:34
20 or more spam emails daily. Want to stop them
Terrence Ham | 03/08/17 - 19:37 is a bully website that does not horror their opt out request regardless of how many times it's submitted. They constantly send un wanted and un solicited spam emails. Somehow it needs to stop!!! | 03/08/17 - 18:57
Julie Lajoie  | 03/08/17 - 18:12
UNSUBSCRIBE ME, NOW. | 03/08/17 - 15:07
Sick & tired of unsubscribe & opt out 10-15 times a day every day-need to stop
Nelson | 03/08/17 - 07:48
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Yes, no marred how many times I unsubscribe or opt-out I continue to send me unwanted emails.
Bobjo | 02/08/17 - 19:47
Yes!! I get multiple emails from them daily, even though I continuously unsubscribe and opt out! What can I do to Stop their emails? Opt out means nothing to them!
Penny | 02/08/17 - 15:40
Yes! They won't stop sending emails even tho I opt out and unsubscribe How do I block them?
Woodrow | 01/08/17 - 22:44
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Albert | 01/08/17 - 21:12
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okbulldog  | 01/08/17 - 18:18
7 - 8 emails per day and I've unsubscribed multiple times. Shut them down
Manning | 01/08/17 - 16:59
Cannot get them to stop. Can't the Feds do anything? 5 to 6 a day. Awful waste of time.
Ron | 01/08/17 - 16:45
Same as others I receive several emails a day and have opted out for each and still they keep coming. Is there an agency they can be reported to?
Nancy | 01/08/17 - 15:58
What good does it do to tell you how annoying this outfit has become in my life. Receiving unwanted emails, opting out a hundred times?
Lisa miller  | 01/08/17 - 15:49
I ask 5 times a day to opt out and unsubscribe Ana STOP TO NO AVAIL I KEEP GETTING WMSILS .. I'm looking now to file a complaint .. and make you STOP!
Judy | 01/08/17 - 02:35
Getting these stupid emails every day. Unsubscribing every day. How do I get them to stop?
Joanne | 01/08/17 - 00:26
Dot want to receive the email. And unsubscribing only encourages more emails
beth | 31/07/17 - 22:16
I can't frustrated!!!!
ron | 31/07/17 - 20:44
How do yo get these people to leave you alone??!! Unsubscribing does not work. I wish I knew how to get rid of this site. | 31/07/17 - 16:30
I have been doing the same thing, but I mark them as spam & they still pop into my inbox. Their phone# doesn't work either, it just rings & rings & rings, then tells you there is some problem & to try again. I wish they would stop as well, but I am luck I am only getting a few a day.
tanny | 31/07/17 - 04:35
Same comments as Karen and all the others. Why can't someone stop them from sending these e-mails?????? | 31/07/17 - 04:15
I get about 10 emails a day and unsubscribe 10 times a day every single day! Stop already! I don't want any emails from
Falconer62 | 31/07/17 - 04:10
I have UNSUBSCRIBED from everyday about 10 times a day everyday for weeks now! I want them to STOP sending me emails that are unwanted!!  | 31/07/17 - 03:34
I'm finding it impossible to get off their mailing list and truly have no clue how they got my address in the first place!
tkuhns | 30/07/17 - 18:57
now Iam up to 4 e-mails a day. Is there any to stop them!
KRY | 30/07/17 - 13:06
Pos won't stop sending emails. | 30/07/17 - 01:36
Is there a way to sue them? Of at least charge them the time it takes me every day to opt-out from these annoying e-mails.
Carol J | 29/07/17 - 18:54
I receive several emails from this site every day and am sick of them. How can we make this STOP? | 28/07/17 - 21:21
What a nuisance this site is, opt out, unsubscribe and still getting 10-15 emails a day. Reported them to Attorney General of Texas for fraud.
Sjohnson3a@bellsouth  | 28/07/17 - 18:24
I receive 25 or more emails that I opt out of from this link. I have a feeling once I opt out they connect me to 10 new spam email. PLEASE STOP!!
Watson | 28/07/17 - 18:09
I can count on at least 1 spam email every day. Clicking on their opt out link does not work. And they use a different email address each time so a filter can't catch them.
Kathi | 28/07/17 - 13:16
Please stop. I am begging you!!!!
Glo287 | 28/07/17 - 00:23
Is there a way to stop ?
Adam | 27/07/17 - 23:19
Please God how do I make them stop
Dorothy | 27/07/17 - 21:25
I have been unsubscribing and clicking on OPT-OUT on all their emails for over a month. I am still getting emails from them. it is just junk. I do not wish to receive it, but cannot figure out how to block them. And they obviously don't REALLY UNSUBSCRIBE you even tho you use their unsubscribe function. I think they are at the very lest a nuisance and could be worse. i won't open any of the sites in their emails. | 27/07/17 - 20:36
Unrelenting, probably get 15 emails a day and unsubscribing does nothing | 27/07/17 - 15:47
Please unsubscribe me from your e-mails. I never open anything in them . Why do I get some without MY address on them? These e-mails are most annoying and of NO use to me!
DFalana | 27/07/17 - 13:34
I have asked and John helping others to PLEASE unsubscribe me from their lists. They are very annoying. I keep getting their emails although I have unsubscribe ribbed several times.  | 27/07/17 - 10:16
Please unsubscribe me from your email list! I'm just like the others I keep unsubscribing but keep getting emails. What do I have to do to be removed from your email list | 27/07/17 - 00:06
Same as all the others - somehow eventhough I opt out over and over and unsubscribe over and over my email runneth over with adds from whitecolorfine. Let me go... get me out... please! | 26/07/17 - 23:59
I am getting sick and tired of your junk emails. I have opted out, opted out, opted out etc. etc. etc. Remove my email address from your system!!!
Hate Unsolicited Emails | 26/07/17 - 23:21
Please unsubscribe me! Opt me Out! Stop Sending me unsolicited emails! I have I subscribed at least 100 times and Opted Out 100 times with NO relief. STOP STOP STOP I GET MINIMUM OF 5 EMAILS A DAY THROUGH YOU! Take me off your list and Dtop sending me junk mail!  | 26/07/17 - 22:34
I keep unsubscribing to no avail. Would like to truly be deleted from your email data base. | 26/07/17 - 22:30
Please stop the insanity I keep unsubscribing and you keep submitting emails | 26/07/17 - 21:24
They seem to not understand that unsubscribe means unsubscribe. Keep unsubscribing but keep getting their junk!!!!!!!!!!!!!Very unprofessional. Their clients also many times are using a dummy address you can't reach them through the ads address. Thanks,
Kathy R | 26/07/17 - 20:17
Refuse to honor opt out preference. Unending emails. | 26/07/17 - 19:56
I never subscribed, but receive multiple daily emails. I have unsubscibed at least a dozen times, but they keep coming.
Jim Dame | 26/07/17 - 17:59
Stop sending me Emails!!!!
jasmine-b | 26/07/17 - 16:15
Yes. Please remove me from your mailing list.
jerrigirl | 26/07/17 - 14:37
I get numerous emails from these people. I have opted out and they keep coming back. The are so irritating. How can we get rid of them. I ask my internet how to get tid of them. The say all you can do is just OPT-OUT! | 26/07/17 - 13:09
I have unsubscribe so many times and I continue getting emails every day. I am sick and tired of this stuff filling up my email. I will never purchase anything advertised on these emails. Please take me off of your mailing list!!!!
Peter | 26/07/17 - 11:32
Federal can spam law specifically prohibits what these guys are doing Forward the spammer to: In the fw: put spammer. In the message area put: Failure to opt out. I also put the govt address in the opt out email, so they should start spamming the govt. Or you could reply to the advertisers about the failure to opt out and the $100 fine for each email
blambert | 26/07/17 - 05:35
I have unsubscribed on every email (2 or 3 Daily) for over a month. Continue to still get emails. HOW DO I STOP THEM
Spencer | 26/07/17 - 05:31
This company is a complete JERK!!!! I have opt out and they continue to send annoying emails.
Pls | 26/07/17 - 03:19
Can't get them to stop....the actual sender is always a different email address. They do not honor opt out requests.
anon | 26/07/17 - 00:11
They won't stop sending spam. I get 8+ daily for months and they do not honor opt out requests. Sender name and subject is misleading. Will never do business with any organization who allows their product or service to be promoted.
Ronald strong  | 25/07/17 - 22:54
I want to get off your email list or I will take other action | 25/07/17 - 17:47
Yes,no matter how many requests to stop they keep sending me junk | 25/07/17 - 17:26
I have opted out and unsubscribe at least a hundred times and moved every email to spam and still get this garbage. If this doesn't stop immediately, it will be reported. Very upsetting.
Bocagator | 25/07/17 - 16:13
spam spam spam. jerks
nancy woodall | 25/07/17 - 16:01
I don't know where you people received my email address but I will take further action to keep you from bothering my account any longer. I've ask over and over to discontinue this nonsense.
Yahoo user | 25/07/17 - 15:43
Please someone eliminate these vultures from attacking our email accounts with spam.
randall ritter | 25/07/17 - 00:50
Perhaps its time to take the law into my own hands...track down the roots of these evil people and eliminate them... Just a matter of time. | 25/07/17 - 00:45
I am very tired of receiving emails from this place. I have requested to opt-out and unsubscribe hundreds of times. They say my email has been deleted from their website, yet I keep getting emails. I demand they remove my email address from their website. Who can I contact to force them to stop NOW!!!
randall ritter | 25/07/17 - 00:45
I've been 'subscribing' for months...they still come. What can be done to stop this? I'm going to ask my attorney if there is any recourse to take to end this... | 24/07/17 - 20:30
I have contacted you many times to delete my email address and you have NOT complied...I will contact the states atty if you do not delete me from ALL of your records. I have deleted at least 15 A DAY from you please stop sending me anything. susan Reiter att t is doing nothing.. | 24/07/17 - 19:26
Pure Spam, none of these offers were requested or wanted. Unsubscribe d 100 times & get the same ads! | 24/07/17 - 16:45
I have been getting spam them for months have unsubscribe hundreds of times. They just keep coming. I guess legal action is next !! What agency is suppose to control this? | 24/07/17 - 04:37
This site, as well as a few others, including, are hosted by OVH Web Hosting, a French company with data centers in the U.S. and Canada. I've reached out to OVH, and they are unwilling to take action, even though they claim "OVH conducts its activities in conformity with applicable laws, we forbid any use of our products that don't conform to our general terms and conditions of services." That was from their response to my complaint. I urge everyone to forward whatever spam they get from these spammers to OVH ( Let's give them a taste of their own medicine. I've also reported OVH to the Better Busines Bureau and the U.S and Canadian governments. If we can't get to, let's get to those that give them a platform for their illegal activity. | 24/07/17 - 04:33
You creeps need to remove me from your lists at once. I have my lawyers on stand-by. | 24/07/17 - 04:24
Remove me now or my attorney will!! | 24/07/17 - 03:35
for months I have been getting multiple emails a day. No matter how many times I unsubscribe and put them in my spam file they keep coming. I have reported hundreds of them but to avail. | 24/07/17 - 02:52
Keep getting unwanted emails | 24/07/17 - 01:48
GO AWAY! | 23/07/17 - 23:53
I also am tired of these emails and have tried to unsubscribe time and time again. Says my email has been deleted from the database but continue to receive these annoying emails. | 23/07/17 - 17:50
I do not subscribe to this website, I'm frankly getting tired of all the spam emails I did not subscribe to any of these. I'm about to shut my email down it's too much please unsubscribe | 23/07/17 - 17:48
Have tried to unsubscribe from these spam emails, but still get them daily! Going to contact ATT | 23/07/17 - 16:03
I received 20 emails a day from this link although he's not the domain or the sender they all tied to his website
Kimmiekperry | 23/07/17 - 15:08
I am so sick of receiving spam from this site. I have unsubscribed at least a hundred times and still get many emails everyday from them. How can I get rid of them?  | 23/07/17 - 14:14
As I'm reading each complaint, all the same as mine... I noticed the majority of the complaint are from email carriers from or which are the same company. Make your complaints with your email carrier as they are allowing the spam to go through.
Mthenife@bellsouth  | 23/07/17 - 13:57
Remove me now!
Mthenife@bellsouth  | 23/07/17 - 13:56
Remove me now!
Steve | 23/07/17 - 13:54
I hate you! | 23/07/17 - 13:16
Stop your emails, i get 10 per day. | 23/07/17 - 03:26
Debi Wesneske | 23/07/17 - 03:17
I want to STOP getting these emails from them! I OP-Out And they say I've been removed. I keep getting them!
Buddy | 23/07/17 - 00:38
Please remove me from your database. I've tried unsubscribing more times than I can remember. If one more of your emails come through my computer, I'll have no choice but to contact the FTC.
Sally | 22/07/17 - 23:14
Receive e mails from them daily. Have inscribed at least 100 times. Hoe do I stop it?
Pls | 22/07/17 - 22:19
Here is their phone number. We all need to call them. 5078365503 | 22/07/17 - 21:06
Please permanently remove me from you list. I have unsubscribed over a 100 times to avail. | 22/07/17 - 20:42
Please unsubscribe me from your list immediately. I've been unsubscibeing fof weeks also using opt-out with no success. I appreciate your attention in this matter. Thanks | 22/07/17 - 20:32
Unsubscribe dozens of times! Emails every day from this website | 22/07/17 - 17:47
Unsubscribe | 22/07/17 - 17:11
Take me off ALL your lists!!! I keep unsubscribing and I get MORE emails--not less. This is a thousand kinds of wrong!! STOP - STOP - STOP ALL THE JUNK EMAILS!!! I will take a tion | 22/07/17 - 16:23
Same as everyone else.... REMOVE MY NAME! STOP WITH THE EMAILS!! | 22/07/17 - 13:27
I am not a user. I have asked you to stop sending you emails to mine. If you do not stop I will report you. I had better not see another one. | 22/07/17 - 13:27
I am not a user. I have asked you to stop sending you emails to mine. If you do not stop I will report you. I had better not see another one. | 22/07/17 - 13:27
I am not a user. I have asked you to stop sending you emails to mine. If you do not stop I will report you. I had better not see another one. | 22/07/17 - 06:12
Same problem as others I keep unsubscribeing but keep getting emails, please remove me from your list | 22/07/17 - 05:59
I have tried numerous times to unsubscribe with no success. Can you please stop sending me all these emails. Unsubscribe me from your website. | 22/07/17 - 05:59
I have tried numerous times to unsubscribe with no success. Can you please stop sending me all these emails. Unsubscribe me from your website. | 22/07/17 - 04:12
Unsubscribe me immediately!!!!
pjkull | 22/07/17 - 02:00
I have repeatedly unsubscribed and they still send me garbage. Remove my email immediately or I will try to find some way to have u removed.  | 22/07/17 - 00:59
I have repeatedly unsubscribed and they still send me garbage. Remove my email immediately or I will try to find some way to have u removed. | 22/07/17 - 00:42
I have "unsubscribed" from your mailing list numerous times but keep receiving spam. TAKE MY EMAIL OFF YOUR LIST! | 21/07/17 - 22:59
I have unsubscribed from your emails hundreds of times and still multiple emails daily. Please stop sending me emails! | 21/07/17 - 21:29
Like everybody else I have unsubscribed countless times. Take me off the list!!! | 21/07/17 - 21:08
I have unsubscribed daily for months, please stop emailing me. | 21/07/17 - 20:56
I have unsubscribe a million times but yet keep getting 5 -10 emails from your website. Please stop,or I have to complain to FTC. | 21/07/17 - 19:06
Enough already! I've unsubscribed daily for months now and still receive your annoying emails. Please unsubscribe me immediately! | 21/07/17 - 19:03
Unsubscribe me right now immediately! | 21/07/17 - 18:22
I have unsubscribed many times and identified all your emails as spam, but nothing seems to stop your emails. I do not click in on any of your links and unsubscribe each one. What does it take to end your annoying emails? | 21/07/17 - 17:03
Stop emailing me!  | 21/07/17 - 15:12
I want my username removed from your list. I have been unsubscribing for almost a year. Please stop listening my email address on!!! | 21/07/17 - 13:03
Please stop your emails | 21/07/17 - 06:42
Same as all the others. Keep getting spam from; and All present the same. All very aggravating, non relenting no matter how many times I unsubscribe. | 21/07/17 - 06:07
I have unsubscribed dozens of times. Unsubscribe me or I will contact the FTC
Pierre Brault | 21/07/17 - 00:25
Keep getting emails and unscribe many times | 20/07/17 - 20:51
I have unsubscribed dozens of times. Unsubscribe me or I will contact the FTC and personal legal counsel! | 20/07/17 - 19:51
Tired of unsubscribing. Please permanently delete my email from your file!
Yes | 20/07/17 - 19:23
File a complaint with FTC. Phone # is 1 877 382-4357. Will not honor request to opt out. FTC is federal trade commission which enforces the Can Spam Act. | 20/07/17 - 18:53
PLEASE!!!!! stop sending me emails!!!!! I have "unsubscribed" 100's of times over the last year and every day I get at least a dozen more emails. | 20/07/17 - 18:51
PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! | 20/07/17 - 15:45
I don't want any more emails from you! I have unsubscribe many times and still getting them! Please, unsubscribe me from everythingnow!! Thanks | 20/07/17 - 15:45
I don't want any more emails from you! I have unsubscribe many times and still getting them! Please, unsubscribe me from everythingnow!! Thanks | 20/07/17 - 15:04
REMOVE MY EMAIL ADDRESS AT ONCE!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAN'T SPAM LAWS are REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | 20/07/17 - 14:04
I have tried to UNSUBSCRIBE countless numbers of times over the last two months all to no avail. I don't want any of your email and now I'm MAD. UNSUBSCRIBE me now and delete my email address from your dirtribution list. NOW IMMEDIATELY
Cj sides | 20/07/17 - 05:29
I keep opting out and get more and more. I'm sure you have a database that can remove my address, please do so.
Curlylocks38  | 20/07/17 - 05:24
I have been spammed to no end. When I hit unsubscribe, it keeps coming back to and stating that I have been removed from their database but then more junk keeps coming in. Daily I get about 5-6 junk emails from their third party affiliates. I want it to STOP!! | 20/07/17 - 02:59
I keep unsubscribing and I keep getting more emails. I don't want any more emails from you. Thank you
pjkull | 19/07/17 - 23:15
UNSUBSCRIBE ME NOWWWWWW!!!!!!!! | 19/07/17 - 21:30
PLEASE DELETE ME FROM ALL EMAILS!! I continue to opt-out but keep getting more emails. Thank you. | 19/07/17 - 19:50
delete me from all kpast and present emails. i keep opting out but you dont listen. just look at all of the same messages below...we cant opt out...shame on you | 19/07/17 - 19:47
I am geting 10 to 15 eamils a day from opt out but yet everyday I keep getting new ones....delete me from all of your list past and present. this is driving me crazy....please opt me out for everything. if not I am reporting your folks as span. | 19/07/17 - 19:38
When I have opt out it is completly ignored.All that is done is increase their garbage. | 19/07/17 - 19:26
Please delete the above e-mail address from your data bases
Janherr | 19/07/17 - 15:37
When you opt out they continue to send you junk
Anon | 19/07/17 - 15:37
Somehow I am the unlucky recipient of all their unsolicited junk emails. No matter how many times I "unsubscribe", they keep coming. This has been happening for months! Something must be done about this intrusive and annoying site! | 19/07/17 - 03:25
I have removed my email for weeks and still get junk from these people
Katschm@bellsouth.neg | 19/07/17 - 03:06
Do not respect "opt out or unsubscribe". Need to report illegally of email. I will report to government.
Katschm@bellsouth.neg | 19/07/17 - 03:05
Do not respect "opt out or unsubscribe". Need to report illegally of email. | 19/07/17 - 01:14
I do not want any more e-mails from you. I have continued to opt out and they have not been honored. Please STOP
Anon | 19/07/17 - 00:58
Yes, they do not honor opt out requests. I get 6+ spam mail daily and have been for months. I am trying to contact the advertisers to have them remove me, no luck yet. I've also tried the domain holder. | 19/07/17 - 00:04
Cease sending us any emails! | 18/07/17 - 23:59
Please stop emails. I have tried to stop but you keep sending them. Please stop | 18/07/17 - 23:15
how do I stop their annoying emails.
Cliff Dixon | 18/07/17 - 19:15
Can get them to unsubscribe me from their e mails. i have requested to be unsubscribed from thier e mails eeveryday except for last 3 days due to illness. Got on computer today and still recieving their junk. Help | 18/07/17 - 13:50
They will not stop sending e mails please remove me from your list
Kim | 18/07/17 - 11:53
Please stop emailing me. I can't opt out. It's terrible
Mary miller | 18/07/17 - 02:52
They keep sending me emails and wonot delete me | 18/07/17 - 02:28
Cannot get my name deleted from their email list. I am constantly getting emails through this company.
Yes | 18/07/17 - 00:30
Let's all send a Spam complain to Forward emails to Also foward to That is the FTC complaint site.
Dan | 18/07/17 - 00:11
They don't respect OPT OUT!!!!
Cedarlan | 17/07/17 - 23:41
Cannot unsubscribe!!!! Ads just keep coming and coming | 17/07/17 - 21:07
Same as the hundreds of comments from people before me!! It's so frustrating and can't believe that they can't be stopped!!! Unbelievable!
Jerry | 17/07/17 - 18:11
Very annoying!! Get several each day!! Will not allow you to unsubscribe though I unsubscribe to every one. | 17/07/17 - 18:02
They send me tons of emails even when I continually unsubscribe. Stop it. Being a internet bully | 17/07/17 - 18:01
Your emails are a nuisance!! I have unsubscribed many times please stop all your emails and partner emails from your site to me!! Thank you | 17/07/17 - 17:57
Stop take me off of mailing list. What purpose does it serve. | 17/07/17 - 17:10
Please take me off of your mailing list immediately!!!! I have unsubscribed sooooo many times. Take me off NOW! | 17/07/17 - 16:12
Pleas take me off of your mailing list.
Johnny Dixon | 17/07/17 - 16:08
I never subscribed to your Fucking spam trash email and I want You to stop sending your God Damned garbage to me. I have Unsubscribed for the last Fucking time....
Stevet | 17/07/17 - 15:45
Opt out doesn't matter the email keep coming.
User | 17/07/17 - 15:43
I have unsubscribed a hundred times but continue receiving emails. Ready for them to stop.
Katkid01 | 17/07/17 - 15:21
Every day I opt out, and the next day they send unwanted e-mail. Please stop!
NO USER NAME | 17/07/17 - 12:20
As to many others have stated, I have also opted out of their annoying ads with no luck. If someone has a solution PLEASE contact me. | 17/07/17 - 04:50
Please take me off the mailing list. I unsubscribe daily and keep getting unwanted e-mails
Colrepp70 | 17/07/17 - 03:43
Have had three to four e-mails a day and only unsubscribe to them all. Then it continues. Do not respect the web.
Colrepp70 | 17/07/17 - 03:43
Have had three to four e-mails a day and only unsubscribe to them all. Then it continues. Do not respect the web.
Renturner | 17/07/17 - 02:12
I have requested over 20 times to be deleted from your email distribution lists all to no avail. Please delete me permanently from your email lists as I do not want your emails. PLEASE DO THIS IMMEDIATELY !!! FTC will be notified. !!!!
Ron Demaree | 17/07/17 - 00:37
Multiple req to unsubscribe and continue . My next step will complaint to FTC or other agencies. In hospital and must stop!!
Carolyn Carr | 17/07/17 - 00:34
I am currently, and have been for months, inundated with spam e-mails from this site. Although they post an "unsubscribe" link, I have NOT been unsubscribed and have been trying for months. I hate them!! | 16/07/17 - 22:31
Yes, they are the annoying website out there and while they say they have removed my address from their files I will get four or five more the next day. | 16/07/17 - 22:17
Yes, they are the annoying website out there and while they say they have removed my address from their files I will get four or five more the next day. | 16/07/17 - 22:14
Yes they do not honor unsubscribe or opt out request and continue to inundate people with their spam. | 16/07/17 - 21:40
Unsucribe me or DOJ or FTC next! | 16/07/17 - 19:47
Please.please delete me from all emails, I get several from you daily | 16/07/17 - 19:28
Please delete me from all current and future email lists. Stop sending me your emails forever. Please honor my repeated requests.
Don | 16/07/17 - 15:28
Sick of these . Can't opt out can't send to spam folder!! No one seems to know how to get rid of it! | 16/07/17 - 15:17
Unsubscribe me permanently fron all your lists. Is it possible to opt out?
Fred | 16/07/17 - 11:24
Please unsubscribe me from your email list now. | 16/07/17 - 06:40
Please stop sending me emails I don't know how many times I have to unsubscribe in a day who keeps sayi g
Crouch | 16/07/17 - 04:36
i do not want emails from them. I have ask them not to send emails and they continue to do so....I want my email address removed
Valarie | 16/07/17 - 04:14
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Nncylttl  | 16/07/17 - 02:58
Please unsubscribe me from this site. I have unsubscribed numerous times without success
michellebf | 16/07/17 - 01:46
I have opted out and marked Emai as spam. I continue to get numerous emails from whitecolor.... How do I get off of their list?
dirkroche | 16/07/17 - 01:08
I too am being inundated with e-mails from no mater how many times I opt out.
lkur | 15/07/17 - 04:57
I cannot get off this email list. I've unsubscribed many many times, and delete to my spam trash. STOP NOW PLEASE!!! | 14/07/17 - 21:36
cannot keep this junk from invading my email listing...any suggestions? | 14/07/17 - 19:18
Have tried and tried to unsubscribe from to no avail. would like to stop recieving their junk mail!!!! | 14/07/17 - 18:26
Want to be rid of but can't seem to get them deleted. Don't want any more junk from them. Have tried many times to be removed from list but to no avail. STOP sending junk NOw!!!!!!
Mark newitt | 14/07/17 - 14:50
Stop sending me spam!!! I have unsubscribe 100 times still your junk mail
Diane Larson | 14/07/17 - 04:32
Continued constant emails no matter how millions of time I opt out or unsub.., | 14/07/17 - 04:25
Unsubscribe me now!!!! | 13/07/17 - 15:35
Please unsubscribe my email from all of your lists! | 13/07/17 - 06:34
Plz remove me from your list!!!!!!! | 13/07/17 - 05:11
I am constantly opting out to stop recieving emails from and their affiliates but nothing semis to work. | 13/07/17 - 04:40
Stop, stop, stop sending me junk sh**! Remove my email from any and ALL lists you have!! I do not want anything from you!!!!! | 12/07/17 - 03:36
I have unsubscribed to emails from them but continue to receive emails. I have blocked them but they keep coming. How can I stop the emails? | 12/07/17 - 01:19
Remove my email from this list, reported to the fraud department for national better business bureau. Cease and desist.
Joe Blow | 11/07/17 - 23:43
I can't get off their email list....driving me crazzzeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pamont | 11/07/17 - 23:29
Annoying and cannot get rid of
Sol Beatriz Sanchez | 11/07/17 - 05:07
Cant get them to stop emailing
jkawcak | 11/07/17 - 03:33
Cant seem to get rid of there emails!!!
Selma | 11/07/17 - 00:35
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Quagmire | 10/07/17 - 15:07
I have sent emails to FBI Spam several times, and they have done nothing. | 10/07/17 - 02:50
Anne Burleigh | 09/07/17 - 23:44
gkivi | 09/07/17 - 18:48
Tired of their junk mail. Plus they do not honor unsubscribe requests.
Yes | 08/07/17 - 22:49
Forward the emails to . File a complaint with FTC.
Angry | 08/07/17 - 18:25
Sick of the junk mail. I have unsubscribed over 100 times. Junk keeps coming. | 08/07/17 - 04:29
don't you get it!!!!!! | 08/07/17 - 04:28
Tired of unsubscribing from you junk, you are pathetic!
yes | 07/07/17 - 20:01
depending upon your email program - you can also have them auto forwarded right back to them - That is what I am doing now. The only issue there is that they send from so many different addresses.
yes | 07/07/17 - 20:00
Forward the email to - That helps slow them down until they finally stop | 07/07/17 - 19:28
These people ate relentless. I would like to be removed from their garbage forever. How many times must one unsubscribe to be taken off their list??? | 05/07/17 - 23:27
TAKE ME OFF YOUR EMAIL LIST. | 05/07/17 - 19:04
I don't know how you received my email but please remove it for the millionth time! | 26/06/17 - 16:06
Please delete me from your email list now! I kept unsubscribing hoping to end your endless ads. Nothing is happening. Please DELEte me Now.  | 19/06/17 - 16:49
How do I get rid of these people once and for all? I am tired of "unsubscribing" & continuing to be bombarded with spam! | 19/06/17 - 16:36
I keep unsubscribing to, and keep getting emails. delete me right now. I don't want your emails! | 15/06/17 - 18:33
get 7-8 unsolicited emails from them daily,unsubscribe from each and get another batch the next day-has been going on for 6 weeks-how do I get off there mailing list??-i will never open or buy anything from them-help
Ljrosetto@ att.m | 13/06/17 - 19:54
There is no way to opt out of this website. It is very annoying and there is no way to get rid of them. I hate this site!
Dnise | 13/06/17 - 18:41
Why won't they stop sending me emails! I've "opted out" every single day at the 4 times a day!! STOP ALREADY!!
Jrcent  | 10/06/17 - 17:13
I cannot get them to unsubscribe me!
Sam Jones | 10/06/17 - 14:36
Who in their right mind would buy something from thee jerks and give them a Credit Card number? | 09/06/17 - 19:55
These people are relentless! I have been opting out for weeks and still keep getting emails with subject matter that has nothing to do with what is in the solicitation just to trick me to open it up! I HATE this type of spam!!! Somebody figure out how to stop these people!
Me | 09/06/17 - 14:56
I have sent "Unsubscribe" notices to this site repeatedly! Literally 4-5 times a day to opt out on emails sent to me. How do I get rid of these annoying ad emails. | 09/06/17 - 02:49
Yes, I have had, and continue to have, a bad experience with They have no respect for peoples wishes. They put an unsubscribe at the bottom of the ads, but filling it out does no good. I received another two ads today. I would appreciate it if you could do something about them continually sending unwanted advertising through email. I am continually unsubscribing from their ads, but they continue to come. | 09/06/17 - 00:16
Is everyone opted out numerous times. And it continues to come back. Don't know how to get rid of it.
Roger Hartman | 03/06/17 - 02:06
I keep opting out....but it keeps coming back sending me do I stop them
Jsmith | 30/05/17 - 22:58
It is not safe whatsoever! Stay away at all costs! | 28/05/17 - 22:24
I keep getting spam from this website. Over the past 2 to 3 weeks I have opted out nearly 20 times. It always tells me I am unsubscribed but the spam keeps coming. How do I make it stop?