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Elvis Henn | 09/08/18 - 15:46
Running a web design company, I appreciate an affordable option that has all the features I need for my clients: an up to date cpanel, standard mysql/php support, no arbitrary email account limits, and best of all fantastic customer support. Anytime I\'ve needed to change an account, increase a bandwidth limit, or just have a hypothetical question answered, it\'s been done within a day. Keep up the good work!
Adalberto Chatterton | 08/08/18 - 10:24
I have been amazed by the level of support and the lengths that they go to to help out, no matter what time of day (and even night). Could not ask for better service. An email with a couple of pre-buy queries answered within minutes convinced me to go ahead. Getting started could not possibly be easier. I congratulate you on your excellent service and facilities.
Arden Dearman | 03/08/18 - 11:12
Swissns quickly provided me with references. I have used their support system quite a bit, and I can tell you that they are responsive, friendly, and patient. Currently, I administer two websites other than my own. At my recommendation, they also have switched to Swissns.
Chi Lesage | 30/07/18 - 12:12
You guys have helped me out with issues that are not even your problems! I do thank you all for the wonderful service and all the help you have given me.
Ray Worden | 17/07/18 - 16:22
SwissNS, you amaze me. Not because of your technical knowledge, but because you care. There are very few businesses that provide this kind of support and they are always a treasure when you find them. Thanks so much for your help, and for providing a place for my site that shares my values.
Branden Mohamed | 09/07/18 - 15:20
There has been no regret we chose SwissNS to host our server. Customer support is lightning speed and prices are very fair. There is no other company who can provide this except for We highly recommend this company.
Rodger Hoffer | 04/07/18 - 14:42
This is the kind of company I like to work with! My experience with Swissns has only been positive in the year I\'ve worked with them. A top notch product, solid service...and super cool people who care about you and make you feel totally supported!
Bud Stearman | 28/06/18 - 11:56
I must say that SwissNS web host has very good instructions on how to sign up. When I had to contact them for help, they responded very quickly and gave very detailed instructions. I was also told if I couldn\'t find what I needed, they would make the changes for me. I chose swissns at first because of the pricing, but I\'m going to stay with them for the excellent customer service.
Dick Samayoa | 26/06/18 - 13:52
Everything is going great with the server. SwissNS is absolutely the best in the vps hosting industry. I\'ve had nothing but a pleasant experience thus far and it continues to get better. Also, I\'d like to let you know that Jason helped me a lot, your staff is right up there with your company, the absolute best!
Alonso Payson | 15/06/18 - 12:45
I like your site. It\'s efficient, clear and to the point. I have been researching sites and hosting companies all week to find one I feel comfortable using with features and prices I like, and I\'ve decided on SwissNS!
Jaime Deborde | 14/06/18 - 12:28
I have been with Swissns for 5 months and they have provided great service throughout that time. Support calls were dealt with promptly and the service they provided has been brilliant. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.
Lupe Hinesley | 13/06/18 - 12:05
straight forward and simple to complete. There was a small problem with text in pop up window not all being visible. This was rectified within an hour of reporting the problem, Impressed with speed of resolving this technical issue. Order process certainly slick from there on. Many thanks.
Mervin Kintzel | 01/06/18 - 15:27
I\'ve been with SwissNS swiss server hosting now for several months and they are AWESOME! Let me say that this has been hands down the best experience that I have had with a virtual server. It just always works! Only getting better and better, I am glad to have been with you guys for so long!