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Clifton Shepherd | 10/08/18 - 00:54
Same thing here. They have my CC info and no hat in over 30 days.
Luis Garcia | 20/07/18 - 05:22
Can anyone post with Luis Garcia name? Yes Probably premiumpickups posting as him
Luis Garcia | 19/07/18 - 13:07
UPDATE: I finally received my hat. Took 30 days and no tracking but it\'s here.
Luis Garcia | 19/07/18 - 04:04
Order my free hat and paid the $10 shipping 30 days ago. NO HAT, NO SUPPORT, NOTHING! Bunch of scammers! I guess they figure $10 is no big deal and no one will complain or charge back.
Frank Hammond  | 02/06/18 - 23:26
Gave me fake email and fake tracking number. Can\'t get in touch with this company. They have my credit card number. Yay . Fucked again.
Jonson gonsalves | 25/05/18 - 09:50