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Muhammad | 12/09/16 - 02:25
I work for AECOM Canada Ltd. I noticed a job opening on that was advertised by URS Corporation. AECOM acquired URS back in 2006-2007. Still this website advertised for URS. I also checked the AECOM job openings and there was no job listing as advertised here. I think this website is a scam and applicants should not waste their time in making applications. I agree with Mike.
mike | 30/09/15 - 03:34 (and posts expired/fake vacancies to boost its rank. I didn't realize until I found a vacancy on which was published 3 months ago on the real jobsite and which was already closed (the headhunter of the real job called me for interview, and after a week he said that his client already selected the other candidate and the position was closed). I thought it was a coincidence, but later I found similar case (one fake vacancy was published on on 29-Sep-15, but the real vacancy was advertised on on 22-Feb-15 with a note "CURRENTLY THIS JOB IS NOT LIVE"). Please be careful; don't waste your time posting or sending your resume to any jobs ad on