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Corné Yildiz | 14/09/21 - 15:42
This company has the best and fastest tech support and they offer great and much needed services. Highly recommended!!!
Ryan Martins | 27/08/21 - 18:25
The price you see is rarely the price you get in the web hosting world. While this holds true for Luxhosting when the dust settles you are still coming out on top. Luxhosting is reliable and well priced. Good enough for me.
Madeleine Dickinson | 20/08/21 - 18:59
It is a great value, and their tools are easy to use. I would highly recommend them for anyone who wants to make their own website, easily and inexpensively.
Mitchell Genders | 11/08/21 - 17:17
Their price is so economical! Their php and mysql is ridiculously fast and reliable; easy to configure. They are great for any size or type of hosting services you need.
Daniel Krogh | 09/08/21 - 17:20
Their site is very newbie friendly, so even beginner like me was able to learn it very quickly. Overall I give them an A+ rating.
Lisa Cunningham | 23/07/21 - 18:38
Their server availability is really exceptional, servers are also fast. Regarding their support I cannot comment on that simply because I didn\'t need to use them yet.
Mitchell Genders | 09/07/21 - 18:14
I\'ve chosen them because I really wanted a web host that was good for business in EU. My hosting speed is quite fast and traffic is good. No problems.
D\'Arcy Mireault | 06/07/21 - 16:55
They provide an excellent hosting service very secure, easy & quick to set up and always reliable. Support is available for 24 hours.
Becky | 04/06/21 - 16:12
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Bridgette | 04/06/21 - 08:50
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Evander Aartsen | 03/06/21 - 17:06
They are always available to help me when I need them. Have never seen any downtime issues and the server is quite fast. Keep up the good job!
Ajib Guirguis | 25/05/21 - 18:25
We\'ve been pleased with this hosting provider’s tech support. We do not call often and last time what we had imagined to be a problem was not a problem at all. We appreciate the efficient and expert services of them.
Tilly Cotuand | 13/05/21 - 12:44
I want to say that you would be hard pushed to find a nicer bunch of people, and a better service at any price than with this hosting provider. I\'ve been around and tried quite a few, and these guys come out tops in every area. Customer service, quality hosting service. Haven\'t got a bad thing to say about them.
Janina Feierabend | 07/05/21 - 18:53
I have found the service offered very reliable and excellent value for the price. When there have been issues, a support ticket has been answered very fast.
Martina Pabst | 29/04/21 - 18:43
Their support team members are very fast and helpful. In my last issue,their tech staff helped me a lot to fix my issue at night! Thanks again.