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Debora Monaldo | 17/12/20 - 16:54
I actually consider myself intermediate when it comes to knowledge or websites, dns, domain setup, etc but every once in a while I come across something I don\'t know. I\'ve put in 2 support tickets to KVChosting within the last few months and both were responded to within 20 minutes and my issue fixed. Their customer service is amazing and I won\'t ever go anywhere else for hosting.
Aubert Longpré | 04/12/20 - 16:05
I just made a contract with KVChosting and desperatly asked them to transfer my entire website from my machine to their server. They answered me that my website had already installed. So fast! Amazing! Thanks KVChosting!!
Stephanie Kerr | 19/11/20 - 16:11
I have never experienced faster support responses before. We have both a moodle and a Wordpress installation. Allows us a very high availability. I would and I recommend KVChosting to each, who is looking for hosted applications.
Tim Kohler | 02/11/20 - 14:34
Had some issues transferring some domains from one site to another and they were so helpful in getting everything done correctly. They were communicating with me at all times until the job is done right, thank you so much for your excellent service.
Mustafa Daniel | 20/10/20 - 16:17
I recommend KVChosting as well and happy to add my story with them. I found out about their services from my friend and won\'t lie, it took me some time to figure out which plan I need for my blog page, but after some reading on their site (presale support would be an advantage for kvchosting), I am happy with my decision to use their services. Talking about their customer support for me after I subscribed is fast, professional, and very positive. All in all - price, easy to use cpanel and speed will keep me with them for longer.
Brooke Hayward | 15/10/20 - 16:03
The Best Hosting Company! They take care of the customer 24/7 -365 days. All experiences have been great, since transferring our account from the previous hosting company. Professional understanding and caring! In today\'s Universe hard to obtain such quality services.
Konsta Saarijärvi | 08/10/20 - 14:21
We are client of KVChosting for more than 5 years now and we consider their Customer Support to be the best in the business. We have 6 customer servers with them and rarely we experience downtime. In case we encounter some issues, we can easily access their support team and get help and the issues are explained and solved in a efficient manner. Efficient, knowledgeable and courteous. We get the best support available and our customers are happy.
Bolethe Pedersen | 01/10/20 - 17:01
Very quick to respond. Friendly and knowledgeable. I got everything I needed out of the session. Great customer support is available from them.
Claire Martens | 09/09/20 - 16:09
KVChosting has the best supporting team. They are patient and informative, they won\'t leave you without solving your issues The agent is very helpful and empathetic as well! He explained everything in great detail!
Dexter Brunelle | 02/09/20 - 15:12
Excellent support - chat works great. Uptime is awesome.I have been hosting with KVChosting since 2018 and can\'t remember the last time the site was down - if it ever was!
Arturo M. Cain | 24/08/20 - 16:59
Thanks to you I think I have found the new web hosting service for my blog! I know that speed matters and KVChosting appears to be the best web host out there to make my blog load super fast!
William McKenney | 29/07/20 - 16:05
Wonderful customer service, and a great price for a new business just starting out, thank you! When I couldn\'t figure out how to add a CNAME to a specific service, they did it for me, and very quickly too!
Pavel Vopat | 23/07/20 - 15:11
Second to none hosting. Great services, great support, great price. I would recommend to use them for everybody who are interested in getting quality services.
Mason Tinline | 15/07/20 - 14:53
The services of KVChosting are top notch, I don\'t think I have seen the likes yet. I have had issues with my site crashing which was my fault and issues with the renewal of my domain but it was sorted out excellently. Excellent customer service, fast reply, it\'s just awesome. It\'s a model I think so many other web hosts can learn from!
Thomas Gardner | 08/07/20 - 15:45
Great hosting. Excellent prices. I have never had any trouble with the hosting. Anything I need to update, I am told in advance. The customer service is great. Waiting period is not very long. Help is there at your service 24/7. When needed, their replies have walked me through the steps and resolved the issue at hand. Fast, efficient and there for you.
Emil Rasmussen | 01/07/20 - 12:30
The most lovely provider I\'ve encountered. Simple, awesome, and the technical support is super helpful!!!! Honestly so thankful for what they\'ve done to help me out.
Jordan Singh | 25/06/20 - 16:12
First time using a hosting site...... Great support .... most of my questions were answered with added info... chat option works the best ..... ticket process is also fast.
Rodrigues Santos | 17/06/20 - 14:00
So the price you see is rarely the price you get in the web hosting world. While this holds true for KVChosting when the dust settles you are still coming out on top. KVChosting is reliable and well priced. Good enough for me.
Aidan Rees | 04/06/20 - 15:33
Fantastic Service - I would like to thank KVChosting for the excellent services. I am very proud of this company, because the speed and agility in addressing has been tasteful to me. Congratulations!
Veikko Berglund | 27/05/20 - 15:32
Well a lot of hosting providers don\'t provide the security options that KVChosting does. Plans contain many useful resources which help to run websites smoothly and reliably. I\'m fond of them.
Joseph M. Huneycutt | 13/05/20 - 14:45
One of my friends recommend KVChosting services when I complained about my previous provider and the problems with reliability and the site being down. Good thing I switched to them - no more issues with it. I\'m very pleased with their customer service overall - prices are also quite reasonable, glad I found this site. Very reliable and very affordable.
Martin Farber | 06/05/20 - 16:40
KVChosting has very good hosting capabilities, they have provided great services to me time and time again. They have a great customer service, good features, great uptime. Couldn\'t ask for more.
Casey White | 29/04/20 - 16:12
KVChosting is everything I wanted in a host - easy, straightforward, no messing about. KVChosting what you need and no surprises.
Florent Djulić | 22/04/20 - 15:17
Finding a cheap dedicated server wasn’t happening for me, until I ran into kvchosting. I couldn\'t be more satisfied, everything I need for the price, best value around.
Joab Rosales | 08/04/20 - 14:44
Unlike most other hosting companies I have dealt with, this company has quick, friendly and competent customer support replies. I love getting work done using their live chat option as it allows me to do other things on the side during the short wait times.
Sisebuto Velázquez | 02/04/20 - 15:56
I came to them after a bad experience with another hosting company. I was impressed by the fact that they are always there to help you and the server always works very well, even if my account is a shared hosting. I Always have resources.
Auguste Miron | 25/03/20 - 14:07
I really appreciate KVChosting. Price: is the average in market! Sometimes promotions are unbeatable! Customer Support: Good. All tickets answered and solved. Time of response is never as soon as I would like (immediate response for example), but is what I expected. Uptime: Really good. Services: All administration/installs/upgrades can be done by them even in my VPS.
Mike Ziegler | 04/03/20 - 14:10
Super knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, polite and more than willing to serve as needed to make this work the best for us. So to summarize I highly recommend them.
Szép Róbert | 05/02/20 - 14:02
The Support team at KVChosting is really very cooperative & active 24/7. However, I have never faced any issues with their billing system, it works like a clock. By the way, their uptime is impressive and my site never goes down. Overall I would rate the 10/10 to the KVChosting.
Nate Bussau | 29/01/20 - 11:33
I switched to KVChosting not long ago but feel a great difference comparing with my previous provider. The difference is huge in the quality of service and support that I’m getting from KVChosting. Turn around time is awesome and the support team is very customer oriented and knowledgeable. I am glad I made the switch and recommend their service without hesitation.
Angus Haigh | 24/01/20 - 13:18
So the price you see is rarely the price you get in the web hosting world. While this holds true for this hosting provider when the dust settles you are still coming out on top. KVChosting is reliable and well priced. Good enough for me.
Chidiegwu Nkemakolam | 14/01/20 - 12:25
KVChosting is a good host for starting a website. Their servers are pretty fast. I asked them a question and they responded pretty quickly. They are pretty cheap considering the price. This is suitable for small businesses and website with steady traffic. They have handled my problems pretty good till now. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a good web host for cheap. KVChosting is given 5 out of 5 stars.
Stephan Freytag | 08/01/20 - 12:32
Customer Service is Great! I don\'t actually know the name of the technician I spoke to yesterday but he was one of the nicest people I have ever dealt with over the phone. Answered and all my questions knowledgeably and fixed my issue within minutes.
Brennan Findlay | 25/12/19 - 13:34
Fantabulous host! I’ve never experienced any downtime, or issues with my personal website yet and I’ve been with them for a month now. The updates are great and features are amazing.
Joseph Christmas | 13/12/19 - 13:22
Their customer service is really helpful in many aspects, they solved all my problems if they occur. They are polite, friendly and most of all very patient. They got back to me always in a few minutes, already suggesting a solution for the problem! I can only recommend them to use for those webmasters who are interested in getting quality hosting services!
Györfi Szólát | 06/12/19 - 12:38
They are very reliable. Easy to implement and customer service was there when I need help. I would recommend them to anyone. Overall I am very satisfied.
Platt Bérard | 29/11/19 - 13:30
Good price, good hardware used, up to date operating system and ready-to help-support - make your VPS services really powerful. Taking into account the price - it is a real bargain.
Daniel Carlton | 22/11/19 - 12:22
I am currently running my websites at KVChosting, and up to this moment I haven\'t had any problems with my websites (they are always up and running 24/7). And when I had some minor issues concerning other aspects of your service - their support team was very expeditive and fast in solving those issues. I hope that I will keep using their web hosting service since I\'m very satisfied up to this moment with their service.
Caio Fernandes | 15/11/19 - 14:29
Such a great Hosting service. I am very satisfied with the service of KVChosting. I am using their service for a long time. I want to stay with them. Their Support is excellent. They solve any hosting related problem within while I am chatting with them. I strongly recommend to get service of KVChosting. Also fees is very reasonable. Newcomers should try this service.
Martim Barros | 08/11/19 - 13:55
Great Service, Up-time and Plan pricing are superb. They have a strong customer support. They ensure that you get out of the trouble in time. They offer their services with quality keeping in mind. Appreciate them!
Mario Hoffmann | 01/11/19 - 13:08
KVChosting is the best hosting provider what I know, the uptime and stability is awesome, Not only that, the support is really professional and to be responsible for all problems without exception. I have used this host long enough to say they are really worthy.
Archaimbau Chalut | 25/10/19 - 13:04
They are very professional and I would highly recommend them. Specially I love their control panel since its user friendly. Whenever I have a problem, the live-on-the-phone folks at KVChosting are friendly, courteous, knowledgeable, and they listen. So, my problems always get solved. They will walk me through the solution, wait while I go through the steps, offer suggestions, and then send me downloads and links if I need them. Appreciate!
Bevis Fortier | 18/10/19 - 12:27
Very professional and fast respond. Always solving my issues in matter of minutes! Great team at KVChosting. Also very satisfied in my hosting plan! Fast, safe, and easy to handle. Not sure what to say more. Fast, Safe, Easy - KVChosting.
James Knox | 01/10/19 - 16:29
KVChosting has many flexible options and great features. It allows the freedom to host several domains and in a long terms saves me lots of money. What I love the most about it is such an excellent customer support. Very human and helpful approach. They go beyond what they suppose to do. I really recommend them!
Jesper Brousseau | 16/08/19 - 14:55
Seriously I would be lost without the awesome support from the amazing staff and service at kvchosting. I will be a customer for life and recommend them until the cows come home! A plugin crashed my site with a fatal error. Jaimy came to my rescue and was a hero. Saved the day and my sanity. Greatly appreciated by one very happy customer. Big thank you from me!
Gabriel Sande | 25/07/19 - 16:35
Great support team. Can fix any problem related to wordpress host. Best value. Fast speed and quick support team. I totally recommend you to use it. Whenever you face a technical problem. Post a ticket and the team will get back to you in ten minutes. I am very happy to have it so far.
Gilles Brodeur | 19/07/19 - 11:27
For the price KVChosting actually packs a tonne of features and I\'ve been pleasantly surprised by their reliability and support. Like how they provide their services for me.
Benjamin Pfaff | 12/07/19 - 16:46
KVChosting is just fantastic! I use the PayPal services and it just makes my life that much easier. Many thanks to the wonderful support staff, I reckon they can do anything! Anything I needed, they had set-up in a record time! Wonderful!
Vetle Pollestad | 05/07/19 - 15:09
I get 90% of my custom jewelry sales from my website so I can\'t afford to have downtime. KVChosting is always up and keeps me in business. I haven\'t had to use the customer service yet.
Berkay Nell | 28/06/19 - 15:09
These guys technical support and customer service is unmatched in the industry. They provide speedy service, and take time to address your concerns. I feel secure knowing I have them as a hosting provider, and a partner.