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Barney | 29/05/19 - 15:25
When we did have a hiccup on the trip itself, glanzu travel planner replied very quickly to my questions and event sent us a bottle of wine to the hotel. Would definitely recommend working with Glanzu travel team!
Miles Farish | 26/03/19 - 12:27
Glanzu travel planner took all the stress out of traveling in a foreign country and his little touches and suggestions made the trip even more memorable. Thailand is totally an amazing place. We cannot recommend the travel company any more highly and we will be using their services again for sure! Everything we did was very enjoyable... - Streetfood tour - Elephant encounters, Chiang May and Phuket - Monkey encounters, Lopburi - Boat tours (Phi Phi, Phang Nga Bay) - Rice planting - Albino Buffalo-riding - Karen tribes - Bamboo rafting - Ayutthaya - Dinner at restaurant in Bangkok The rest is wonderful, the country is excellent, the people are friendly, the places are fabulous. This is a description of the holiday in a few words.
Emmett Hackman | 25/03/19 - 14:08
I Google for transfers and book my trip at Glanzu - must say it is nice and very helpful service for travellers. Thaialnd is really good country. Food - always lots of food choices – a noodle dish restaurant in Chiang Mai is soooo good! Loved the foodie tour with street food in Thonburi, the floating market and Chatuchak market. Tom Kah soup, Mangoes, Coconut pancakes and of course Phad Thai, Fried rice, sticky rice – if you love great food, Thailand is like heaven!
Erasmo Frenz | 22/03/19 - 14:07
All in all, we went to Thailand in January this year. We chose Glanzu cos some of our friends have been extremely satisfied traveling with them. We like to be go-go-go all day long on our trips, and then relax in the evenings over a leisurely dinner. On this trip, we ended up having a bit more down time each afternoon than we would have preferred. If we were to go again, we would want to make sure our days were fully booked through the late afternoons (rather than being dropped off at the hotel at lunchtime), which would allow us to see more things in such a short amount of time. We really loved the late night food tour in Bangkok (a big trip highlight for us); with the price we paid for this trip, it would have been nice to have had a private food tour instead of a group one, which was a surprise to us upon arrival.
Hong Hisle | 20/03/19 - 15:35
South East Asia is their home ground. And thank you Glanzu for the great experience. We will be back. How seamless everything was... truly making it a holiday. It is of course easier in Thailand due to the culture of hospitality but you need someone orchestrating it which the travel planner and the travel team did. For my wife, the Elephant Santuary was the highlight in Chang Mai and for me the 45K bike tour through Chang Rai countryside ending up at the waterfall. Recommended.
Benedict Pyle | 18/03/19 - 14:24
An awesome trip to Thailand! Everything from the initial contact and planning with Glanzu tour planner made this so easy. He and another were always quick to respond to emails and even a few phone calls when needed. They were also helpful while we were in Thailand and had an incident that caused a little concern. Our tour planner quickly got back to us with information that was helpful. Good trip!
Marco | 14/03/19 - 14:31
Having been to Phuket before, the resort north of Krabi was a real slice of heaven for ambiance and relaxation in luxury. Steering us away from Phuket was a sterling recommendation from glanzu travel company. Thai food, of course, is always great and somehow getting it off a battered old push cart from some grubby fellow who hasn\'t washed his hands this year just makes it better. Once our guides got to know us they were very helpful recommending some local goodies and vendors that we might not have found on our own - and would likely never even see on a canned tour.
Maynard | 12/03/19 - 13:07
We just returned from a two week tour of Thailand arranged by the travel planner form Glanzu travel company. Our travel planner worked with us to design an itinerary based on our interests and budget. He did an amazing job in creating a plan that was perfect for us in all details. The trip went very smoothly with no issues or problems. If we had questions our travel planner responded within an hour to provide excellent service.
Hai Ybanez | 11/03/19 - 13:48
From the initial contact with our travel planner from Glanzu travel company to our return flight to the US, the memorable journey was seamless. Our travel planner listened to our interests and designed a balanced trip to fit all the various activities and sites we requested. We communicated through numerous emails and our travel planner was always quick to respond and eager to please. We visited four countries over a month of travel and each destination included a private guide and driver who were all punctual and informative. The comfortable accommodations varied from a 5 star resort hotel to several boutique style hotels: Akyra Manor Chiang Mai Hotel, Cmor Hotel Chiang Mai by Andacura Hotel - they are totally amazing, clean rooms, friendly staff, very good experience.
Otis Glisson | 05/03/19 - 13:28
Fantastic! I think having a tour guide throughout the trip allowed us to experience Thailand in more detail than we could have otherwise. Glanzu travel is much appreciated - guides are friendly and funny. They tailored a package for us to get as much as possible from the two weeks we spent there. The travel company staff were all professional, friendly and prompt.
Tony Fults | 15/02/19 - 09:54
We spend an unforgettable time in Thailand. Thank to Glanzu and their guides. This was a trip of a lifetime and we were so happy to have this tour operator plan it for us. Meg, our Thailand travel agent, was very professional and made great recommendations for both accommodations and activities. She worked out every detail so we didn\'t have to worry about a thing. Everything went smoothly and we were able to enjoy every second of our adventure abroad.
Marshall Lockman | 13/02/19 - 13:30
I had the best experience traveling to Thailand with Glanzu. From the outset, Tom\' responses were quick and he really was a pro. While on the trip, unfortunately there was a death in my family, and Tom helped us connect with the local travel agent who quickly and efficiently changed our entire trip schedule so that we could get home sooner. It was amazing and such a relief to have everything just taken care of in that way. Thank you!
Dane Brugh | 07/02/19 - 14:15
Thank you Glanzu team. The representatives in Thailand as well as the travel company back in CA made sure we re-scheduled our tour and that I had the care I needed. In addition, my wife and I had recently been married and took this for our honeymoon - every hotel did something very nice and special for us to congratulate us on our marriage. I would most certainly work with this travel company again in the future for our next big trip!
Theron Ingenito | 05/02/19 - 14:32
All our guides were competent and charming. The drivers all provided water (most kept it in a cooler with ice), several also provided cold wipes to refresh us as we returned to the car - all of which were wonderfully air conditioned. In sum, Glanzu travel company helped us have a wonderful and memorable vacation.
Scott Gossman | 31/01/19 - 11:34
I have no negative comments whatsoever and would definitely recommend Glanzu tour company to anyone. In fact, next time we go to Asia I\'m pretty sure we would like to go with them as well. Contact before the trip was very good, quick and reliable. All in all a very good holiday experience.
Roman Seamans | 29/01/19 - 14:41
We chose Glanzu travel agency cos our friends have had a good experience traveling with them. The actual tour went on quite smoothly without any problems. All services were provided exactly when they were needed. The tour guides were quite knowledgeable, interesting and sympathetic people. They provided us with quite some inside knowledge about the countries we visited. Transportation was done in quite comfortable cars. Thanks a lot.
Wesley Near | 22/01/19 - 13:04
Attention to detail did not end with the planning. The trip to Thailand with glanzu agency was wonderful and we were cared for by the agency\'s team at all times. They had incredible resources that allowed us access to unique experiences and one-of-a-kind venues. Our guide at each destination was always deeply knowledgeable, very personable and open to sharing their personal stories.
Junior Threet | 18/01/19 - 11:29
My trip to Thailand was more than exciting. We booked everything at Glanzu - really nice agency. In Krabi i Liked: - Snorkeling in the Phi Phi islands. Part of a boat tour our hotel helped set up. - Relaxing on the beach of the Tubkakk hotel. This is a private paradise. Not at all crowded like many of the other beaches we saw in Krabi and just as beautiful. Also wished we would have had 1 more day to explore Bangkok. We only spent two days there and one was a day trip to Ayutthaya. The other day was spent visiting the palace and temples so we didn\'t get to see as much of the city as we would have liked.
Walter Desantis | 16/01/19 - 14:38
Our trip to Thailand was very exciting. Day at a mountain village, where we hiked through hilly coffee plantations, learned about village life, met some residents, visited the local temple and ate an unbelievably delicious home-cooked meal. Lighting and releasing floating lanterns on New Year\'s Eve, watching our lanterns and those of thousands of other people rise into the night sky together. Glanzu is a great travel agency! So many great memories!
Elton Shingler | 11/01/19 - 15:04
This was the trip of a lifetime and we could not have been happier! Every aspect of it from attention to detail from the company, the hotels, the food, the unexpected places we visited, the sights seen and stories told, all was amazing and unforgettable. I would travel again with Glanzu and recommend it all. The people of Thailand are so gracious. Our guides did such a great job of immersing us into the local culture. Whether it was the industrious activity of the Mekong Delta and the river markets or the street food in Bangkok it was so memorable.
Jorge Bondurant | 09/01/19 - 15:50
Just wanna share my experience traveling to Thailand - Amazing trip with Glanzu - your Guides are the best! We took a transportation tour around Bangkok with the best guide ever. Bangkok can be a little intimidating if you aren\'t used to big cities. He gave us the chance to really experience all the Bangkok has to offer without the stress of getting on the right train or getting lost. The spa day was so relaxing, especially after rolling with elephants the day before. We were pampered for 2 1/2 hours which was a great reboot to finish the rest of our journey. The speedboat tour in Phuket was a wonderful chance to tour the islands and get up close to the scenery. We snorkeled and hiked to the viewpoint at Koh Phi Phi. The guides were very knowledgeable about the area and always had something interesting to say.
Earl Brodbeck | 04/01/19 - 15:18
Wanna thanks team! Our trip to Thailand was extremely cool! Just when you think that the travel agency\'s personal touch couldn\'t get any better, our agent took the opportunity during our trip to actually meet us at the hotel while we were in Thailand. Ensured we had all the personal contact information necessary for each contact at each location, as well as, his own personal contact information. He then presented out family with a small gift of appreciation. Nice job and well done.
Lesley Nissen | 26/12/18 - 14:38
I am so grateful I chose Glanzu for my Traveling adventure to Thailand. Their guides who met us in Thailand were also amazing. Both guides (Mary and Anna) taught me so much about the reality and life of traveling. This program also teaches you how to gracefully handle the positive and negative aspects that are indeed inevitable when you are out of your comfort zone. I appreciated every moment and would recommend to anyone who has thought about traveling to Thailand, GO!
Lenard Nicklas | 30/11/18 - 07:14
Glanzu 10 Day South Thailand was the perfect start to exploring what Asia has to offer! Diana and Jane were the best leaders anyone could ask for, they went out of their way to know each and every group member on a personal level! This trip was truly a life changing experience and I cannot wait to book another tour with team. Recommended.
Markus Hostetler | 29/11/18 - 15:22
Our experience visiting Thailand is great - many thanks to glanzu team. It is the best way to go on your first big trip whether you’re traveling by yourself or with a friend. I just finished the 20 day Thailand tour and it absolutely exceeded my expectations. We had Jane and Diana as our group leaders and it’s hard to ever imagine having anyone else. They were both so amazing and make you feel at home. I would highly recommend traveling with Glanzu to anyone.
Markus Sung | 28/11/18 - 15:26
This was, by far, the greatest trip I have ever gone on. I must say Glanzu is really perfect travel agency. It was so easy-going. Every time someone was supposed to be there to pick us up, they were there. All of the guides we took, were perfect. Anzhelyka was our Thailand travel agent and she was fun to work with (we\'re actually going to travel together soon and we\'ve never met in person! That tells you how much I liked her and how amazing she was!). Anzhelyka had been to Thailand and talked to me about what we wanted to do and constructed the perfect vacation for us. I can never thank her or her Thailand tour company enough for the memories they helped us create.
Refugio Mcspadden | 27/11/18 - 15:43
Nice experience traveling with glanzu agency. Well planned, lots of choice on the trip and get to see such a variety of different things. We saw so much different places, you were always able to do your own thing or spend the whole time with the group! You felt so free and could organise your journey like you want! Moreover our CEO was soooo great and the best tourguide ever. Really took the stress out of traveling, everything was so well organised and the CEO was so helpful along the way!
Samuel Holloway | 21/11/18 - 15:32
The quality of the tour guide, the organisation of the tour by glanzu team, activities and the wonderful group I traveled with all exceeded my expectations. I had so much fun and would definitely use glanzu again myself so would happily recommend to others. Because I found it a very easy, stress free fun way to travel. You don\'t have to stress about planning and are able to just enjoy your holiday.
Blake Hayashida | 20/11/18 - 15:02
The tour my girlfriend and I chose gave us the opportunity to see areas of Thailand and experience real Thai culture that we would have never have been able to organise by ourselves as first time tourists to the country. The tour guide, glanzu agency gave us, was lovely and very helpful, the tour ran smoothly, had a wide variety of activities so lots of different things to try and to enjoy and I got along with my group members. The brilliant itinerary would also not have been brought to life had it not been for our CEO, who\'s professionalism, vast knowledge and excellent company undoubtedly had a huge influence on our enjoyment throughout the trip.
Loren Gayer | 15/11/18 - 15:11
The Glanzu tours and the teams have been excellent! Thanks to glanzu guides on the Thailand tour for showing us some beautiful places, favorite was the floating raft houses in koh sok! Stunning :) Had some of the best sites shown to us in the big city of Sydney! Especially the boat cruise and the base camp was fantastic! :) met such a great bunch of people through the tours and couldn\'t have asked for a better service from Glanzu team!! Thanks to everyone :)
Alan Fong | 09/11/18 - 13:39
I was in Thailand this year for 7 days. Can say glanzu is totally amazing service with the help you which you can plan your trip. Thailand serves a halfway decent drop, with a burgeoning café culture and homegrown beans grown under Royal decree. Even in rural areas, there are chained coffee shops (or \'huts\', as they are known) attached to gas stations, so you can get your caffeine fix on the run.Mostly all of my time me and my friends spent in Chiang Mai driving bikes around the mountains, and I should say that it was just perfect time-spending for us. We use services of Catmotors, and rented there a few old but reliable bikes, that perfectly endured all our adventures.
Kirk Petway | 08/11/18 - 14:57
I had Jane as my tour guide whilst in Thailand. I am travelling alone, but Jane made me feel like I was traveling with a friend. That\'s why I prefer to travel with and the team. She joined in on everything, took about a million photos of me to boast on instagram, and all the while ensuring I was having a great time. She always made sure everything ran smoothly and In my opinion went above and beyond! I\'ve already recommended glanzu to my friends.
Randy Dame | 02/11/18 - 12:11
The most amazing trip in Thailand. Loads of culture fun and sun. The Guides where amazing! Highly recommend this trip with, you wont regret it! Tour is cheap and good, loads of free time to be able to hang out and do/see what ever you want. We learned a lot on the culture and they brought us always to the best parties. Accommodation is ok, not always the best but goes with the price you pay. All locations you go to are great! Memories to last a lifetime, highly recommend!
Alva Zendejas | 01/11/18 - 13:59
We wanna thank team of creating such a good Trip to Thailand for us. It was one of the best experiences of my life, i met a lot of amazing new people and made a lot of new friends, the itinerary was jammed packed, done a lot of activities and saw a lot of places, our tour guides were amazing, could not have asked for better ones, they were funny, really helpful, always put everyone before themselves and made sure we had as much fun as possible. Recommended.
Bobbie Munos | 11/10/18 - 15:08
Thank you, Glanzu team, for creating such an awesome way to explore a country (Thailand). I have never loved feeling like a tourist lets you immerse yourself in a country\'s way of life. Just the way I like to see a country. I love when we can visit someone\'s home or have lunch at a local place. We got to see and do things we would never get to do but for experiencing it on a bike. The Galleri by katathani Hotel was breathtaking and the day we rode the elephants was a thrill. The Thailand bike trip is not to be missed!
Moses Gayhart | 04/10/18 - 12:50
From the 1st minute, leaving the airport, we felt euphoria, and realized that this is our place! To begin with, there are no comrades to taste and color, and if someone is going to a new uncharted country, then be prepared for anything ... Bali is a very beautiful island, smelling delicious, atmospheric! Ordered tickets, Hotel and tours at Glanzu - great service. If you want beautiful nature, not obsessive Balinese, nice cafes, delicious food, relaxation, etc., then the best place in Bali is Ubud! Fly to Ubud right away and you won\'t go wrong! This is a quiet and relaxing place, where you will definitely not find any dirt! Yes, there is no ocean nearby, and you will have to go to it, but this is the only negative that a lot of advantages overlap! Half of the holidays lived in Ubud, and the remaining half lived in the coastal zone, in the Seminyak area. In Seminyak, there is a beautiful beach, clean, well-groomed, yes - with paid sun beds, yes - not turquoise water, as there is s stormy ocean, but running at sunset along the beach, when it is low tide, splash in already small waves - a sweet thing! For the future, we will plan our rest so that we can live in different parts of the island, because we have seen from our experience that the main miracle of Bali is its diversity and I believe that it can only be felt in full when staying in different parts of the island. Once again, thanks Glanzu.
Nathanial Hight | 27/09/18 - 16:24
Hey dudes, I want to leave feedback about my journey to Thailand. I have seen many Spanish travel agencies offering trips to Thailand, but decided to choose Local one and choose Glanzu by chance, but it turned out that it was really the best bet. All the services were provided in full. I liked that all the services on the site can be customized for your specific budget and requirements. And you can also customize the tour by day - that\'s very convenient. I went with friends to Thailand - the country is magical, the kitchen is very tasty, the hotel in which I lived was magnificent (Crown Pattaya Beach Hotel). I recommend Glanzu - super service!