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rexrubin | 13/09/16 - 07:30
Guys and Girls! Beware of Clickastro services! I have been cheated.Dont trust and, not only me but so many. So many complaints have been made by customers against and is not good business ethics.Thumbs down .I can give enough proof.I also have bad experience they will delete majority of the negative comments.My friends also have bad experience than me. This is a company running without any business ethics at all. Purchased Astro Vision report from Clickastro on 21st of July. They shared the reports, tagging me as Female in Sex in their report, despite me being a Male providing all the details about me correctly .When I contacted the Service Desk, they responded back with an e-mail, asking for additional 300 rupees to get their mistake corrected. This is absolutely shocking and horrible! Absolutely no integrity and honesty. Check websites like mouthshut and other review sites then you can understand trustworthiness is not at all good.