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David Fink | 29/06/22 - 18:09
Blazing fast speeds delivered as promised, and extra-attentive ticket service as a bonus. Amazing provider.
Julius Mikkelsen | 22/06/22 - 15:57
I\'ve found that the support staff at Brixly are some of the best you can get. I\'ve used probably close to 20 different web hosts while building sites for clients.
Luke Lamaro | 16/06/22 - 17:48
Great and FAST help with my issue. I love Brixly.
Kyllikki Matinsalo | 09/06/22 - 18:04
Support team is consistently highly responsive and helpful. Recommend to try them.
Patrick Pattison | 03/06/22 - 17:47
Had a few hiccups with logging in initially but support did a very good job in solving the problems.Thanks.
Mathias Fenstermacher | 26/05/22 - 17:53
The customer care is great, is technical support team is even better. They are very prompt in responding to queries and no issue is too small or big for them. I highly recommend.
Majorie Schoonhoven | 19/05/22 - 18:29
I have no problem with Brixly, websites are being hosted perfectly well.
Ane Rosing | 22/06/21 - 17:39
I am impressed with the speed and the uptime. Also quick online support is very helpful to make quick decisions.
Pauline Galkina | 17/06/21 - 17:36
Overall best customer support on the entire web! Thank you guy and gals, I know what you do and it’s a tough job but a fun one! Keep up the awesome fantastic work and customer support.
Favor Desroches | 07/06/21 - 19:02
They are very advanced and use high quality hardware. They are very reliable and never have issues that I have seen. In over a year I have no real complaints.
Elias Thorsen | 31/05/21 - 18:09
We were referred to Brixly from our business colleagues. Not only have we been constantly amazed at the depth of understanding on many different business models, we found ourselves working with a team of friends. The Best Guys to work with - Highly Recommended.
Jadranka Vuković | 27/05/21 - 17:47
Service is fast. Support is quick and knowledgable. They recently reduced prices.
Jett Maley | 19/05/21 - 18:37
Great hosting site with excellent prices and top-notch services.
William Todd | 13/05/21 - 17:52
Their servers are reliable and there\'s always someone to pick up the phone when you call, at least in my experience. I\'ve only run into trouble twice trying to install applications, and both times a tech person helped me through the issue.
Latimer Alexandre | 23/04/21 - 17:23
Honestly! I have never seen such efficiency in all my life! These blokes are brilliant and can\'t be bettered in any sphere. Although it was a user error on my part, they still sorted it out for me in no time! I appreciate your help and service.
Callum Gray | 22/04/21 - 18:37
The customer service at Brixly is the best. Always helpful, always polite and considerate.
Manuela Lowe | 13/04/21 - 18:39
I was a little worried about the pricing "you pay for what you get" it is pretty cheap. Looking into the service more I found that they charge the same as everyone else if you pay for a year on advance, but with these guys you don\'t have too.
Carl Frandsen | 06/04/21 - 17:53
You\'ve made getting this set up and running for my small business as smooth as possible. I\'ve had several questions and each time your tech support folks have been exceptionally knowledgeable, patient, responsive and professional. Money well spent!
Harrison Stevenson | 30/03/21 - 18:25
Brixly is just fantastic! I use the PayPal services and it just makes my life that much easier. Many thanks to the wonderful support staff, I reckon they can do anything! Anything I needed, they had set-up in record time! Wonderful!
Luukas Lindström | 26/03/21 - 17:36
Brixly customer support is simply outstanding. Quick to be summoned, they solve your problem in no time, and they even offer a little personality. I’m overall satisfied.
Hideya Ogawa | 18/03/21 - 16:07
Brixly has shown some great knowledge about their site and knows exactly what they are talking about. Makes me feel comfortable about my website.
Oline Møller | 11/03/21 - 16:19
Their support department has the fastest response time I’ve ever experienced with a hosting provider. They always offer a clear and concise answer to my problem. Brixly continues to amaze me with its focus on outstanding customer service.
Cecilie Andresen | 02/03/21 - 18:23
Mainly they take care of all the technical issues within timely manners, so you get the chance to concentrate on the business side or the functional side of you website. Their prices are also reasonable, and they offer a variety of options.
Vida Fruzsina | 26/02/21 - 17:01
Amazing service and friendly staff. I have never had problems with their services.
Brigitte Schmitz | 19/02/21 - 16:32
I had recently switched to Brixly from another hosting company. My email wasn\'t sending or receiving on my cell phone. The support team worked with me almost immediately to have the issue resolved. Very happy I switched.
Isabella Gibson | 07/12/20 - 17:02
I am on a shared server and have been very pleased with the results. The most important thing is to try and figure things out yourself. But if you are not able too then Brixly will be there for you.
Evrard Laframboise | 04/12/20 - 17:02
The support team has been excellent. We are very impressed with the speed at which issues are resolved an we can highly recommend Brixly to other people.
Jacob Reynolds | 24/11/20 - 14:34
Amazing hosting and customer service to boot. Went way above and beyond call of duty to help me.
Marco Möller | 16/11/20 - 14:50
Here is our experience so far with Brixly: Customer support is awesome! Extremely fast response to support questions. Pricing is very fair and server response time is very fast compared to other hosts we tried. Brixly is the best hosting provider in my opinion and they have my highest recommendation!
Eric Werfel | 10/11/20 - 16:40
All over, the best Web Hosting company that I have had up untill now.
Harry Furnell | 30/10/20 - 17:13
Pros: • Professional, very nice and helpful support team • Fast servers • Affordable Cons: • none.
Jamie Cartwright | 23/10/20 - 17:30
Unparalleled hosting. Great services, great support, great price. I would recommend to use Brixly for everybody who are interested in getting quality services.
Hamish McNeill | 16/10/20 - 15:22
Let me know if you\'ll find a cheaper host that could offer as much as brixly does! Super user-friendly platform, personally - huge fan of them!
Gioacchino Greece | 09/10/20 - 15:29
As a new brixly client, I had some problems getting used to the service they provide, but all the problems were solved by their customer service, friendly, professional and quick to respond, their chat system is great. I am very happy to hire the services of brixly . I recommend it.
Maya Harding | 02/10/20 - 17:04
Hello, I was used Brixly for a year now! Everything is the best but the most important thing to make your websites running is support! Fast, Helpful, Kind ...etc Up time was great our websites didn\'t have any up time issues Response Time is great! Simply, best for the best.
Fenyves Ármin | 13/08/20 - 18:09
Everything is very smooth and efficient. Great job - great value. +100.
Wilfredo Lemus  | 11/08/20 - 17:53
Brixly was recommended to me by a person with a lot of experience in building sites, so I registered for them without looking for other providers. He mentioned their services and customer support were excellent and I have found that to be true.
Souza Lima | 04/08/20 - 17:09
I recommend brixly to anyone who is looking for great services at a low price.
Paul Jodoin | 28/07/20 - 17:10
I\'ve been with brixly for almost 3 years now and so far every time I\'ve had an issue with anything I\'ve got help pretty much right away. I\'ve got a good handful of things resolved (both server issues and user errors (winks) via chat or ticket. So far either one has worked pretty well for me.
Louis Dufour | 20/07/20 - 17:26
I highly recommend Brixly primarily because I am not technical and don\'t have a desire to learn most of the behind-the-scenes stuff. They always talk to me in a language that I can understand, which I love. I haven\'t had one bad interaction with them and I can\'t say that about other hosting companies I have had before.
Jonas Duerr | 14/07/20 - 17:50
Incredibly fast and professional Brixly is! Uptime is high and support is helpful around the clock. I like the way they provide their services and if you want to succeed in the IT industry, this host is right for that.
Robert Lange | 09/07/20 - 16:10
Our experience with brixly support has been very good. We access support through email and the web. The price is the best one I found after a long research. I highly recommend this web hosting company because they are clear with prices (no hidden charges) and their services. If you have any trouble they don\'t let you down.
Storm Jørgensen | 01/07/20 - 13:33
I have only had my new brixly shared server for a week but so far everything has been outstanding. The performance is awesome, actually the best I have had. The customer service was fantastic and the price is very affordable. At the moment I am very happy with it.
Diego Costa | 26/06/20 - 15:44
My WordPress website works great with Brixly. Speed and server uptime have been splendid. My e-Commerce website for food flavours (with the old provider) was quite bland. I picked up Brixly because they are known for their WordPress deals .. I got the starter plan and now I am soon thinking of scaling up.
Coralie Audet | 22/06/20 - 15:36
I have an account with Brixly and I feel great for accepting their services as my hosting provider. Their FTP speed is ridiculously fast! And the price is amazing for all of the additional features and bonus as well as the discounts and new upgrade they have even now and then that I get to benefit from. They are GREAT!
Marmion Charest | 11/05/20 - 17:34
Brixly has been one provider I look upon when I have a new project, they have met their commitment always on time and have helped me with my issues. Good job.
Thomas Eriksen | 28/04/20 - 17:44
SO many times with other web hosts I found that my website was down often and for long periods of time, not with brixly. My website has not gone down since I made the switch and I don\'t think that I\'ll be leaving anytime soon.
Chung Khac | 23/04/20 - 16:57
However, their customer service is the best i have come across. I occasionally have problems with my account and always contact Brixly using their online chat service. They are always very polite and helpful, and apologetic for any troubles. They have given me great advice, and solved all my problems within 10 minutes. I would recommend them!
Oliver Storey | 20/04/20 - 17:21
99.9% of the time everything\'s great and running flawlessly. FTP and web downloads from my site are very fast!
Lukas Amundsen | 16/04/20 - 16:15
I have been using Brixly for the past month and I have had no trouble at all. Their support is really quick and I have always found someone who answers me back immediately despite our time difference. I am truly impressed with their marvelous services and I recommend to use them for those who are interested in getting quality IT services.
Finley Shah | 08/04/20 - 16:06
I am using Brixly since 1 year for few of my websites. I Highly recommend them for hosting your site. They have a very very good Customer support when compared to other hosting providers.
Giusto Muñiz | 02/04/20 - 16:53
Real 15 minutes qualified technical support is available from them. They are fast and quality and I like having deals with them.
Louie Banks | 04/02/20 - 14:17
This hosting is very reliable. You can also connect with the support center any time you have a problem. They are very polite and knowledgeable and skillful.
Maiko Keeris | 22/01/20 - 14:06
I\'ve never had an issue. The service, when I\'ve needed to get in touch, has always been prompt and informative. I find it has had great value for me.
Mitchell Bromley | 17/01/20 - 14:08
Looking at the time spent with Brixly, I\'d definitely recommend them! Brixly gives you full-featured hosting for any site. Price is one more plus, pretty cheap considering the good customer service (nice surprise from any web host). Not bad Brixly, not bad.
Ernest Busque | 10/01/20 - 15:30
It\'s a great host service! Quick customer response and outstanding support 24 hours a day. I wouldn\'t host anywhere else.
Lincoln Baynes | 26/12/19 - 14:00
I have needed help on a couple of occasions and while I expected tough tasks ahead I had instant help to walk me right through. You guys are amazing and I am very grateful to be a customer. High praises!
Andrew Reginald | 13/12/19 - 14:40
Brixly are far above the average host. Not only do my sites load faster, but the support they provide is second to none. Every question I\'ve had has been answered promptly, usually within an hour.
Olavi Nyman | 10/12/19 - 13:47
I have decided to write a review of Brixly services that are to my liking. There were no downtime of their servers for the period I have been using them, low prices and friendly support make them attractive for me. I recommend them everyone who is eager to have their business prospered.
Kevin Pfeifer | 04/12/19 - 14:01
Reliability and stability are the strong points of this company. Their servers have no downtime, their administrators are skillful indeed. Their control panel is usable and has a user-friendly interface. Prices are reasonable.
Ralph Mehler | 27/11/19 - 14:26
They have a good stuff which is reliable and cheap. I use my own web development software however, but I have no problems uploading.
Mikael Mikaelsen | 21/11/19 - 13:47
Their CUSTOMER SUPPORT team is excellent, I submitted a ticket and they got back to me RIGHT AWAY with the answers I needed to get my website sorted out.
Joao Cunha Fernandes | 15/11/19 - 15:05
Brixly is excellent, because of their prompt support. They provide very fast service and the way of guiding to their clients for any type of queries and resolve it without delaying.
Mathias Kuhn | 08/11/19 - 15:07
Brixly has helped us stay focused by taking care of all our hosting needs and then some. They do a great job for us and take very little of our time if any. That is very important to us.
Roch Vaillancour | 31/10/19 - 12:31
The price is right, the customer service is lightning fast and they actually have people that know what they\'re talking about. Give them a try, you won\'t regret it.
Wyatt Houde | 25/10/19 - 13:35
Brixly has been very good to me. I do not know much about building a website but they have helped me with every problem I ever had and have done so in a courteous, fast manner.
Andreas Fried | 17/10/19 - 12:41
I absolutely love Brixly and everything they provide for me because plans contain all features and resources which are necessary for running web sites smoothly and reliably.
Jostein Pedersen | 11/10/19 - 13:56
Brixly ranks top notch in every category with me. Their hosting package has Never been a problem, but my abilities were: they got me right up to speed every time! Brixly is amazing!!!
Justin Reilly | 07/10/19 - 14:06
I can\'t believe how easy it was to switch between web hosts! This company took care of all my dirty work and they\'ve been great for me. Great host with affordable prices.