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52 review

Have you had bad experience with Warn us, please! | 28/12/18 - 02:06
I just wanted to know how to cancel the subscription.
Ana Dolores Gómez Mariscal  | 09/12/18 - 10:58
Yo no me he apuntado a esto darme de baja y devuelvan el dinero
Ana Dolores Gómez Mariscal  | 06/12/18 - 19:53
Darme de baja y devolver el dinero | 21/06/18 - 07:07
I managed to find the place to cancel the Bridlee account and they said its done but now money is still coming out of my account And I am helpless to stop it as I cant find the webpage to cancel it again. | 16/04/18 - 05:59
Taking money from my account even though I cancelled memebership
Jeanne | 11/01/18 - 20:27
Yes I had $65.92 nz $ taene out of my account for nothing. I can not see where to cancel a subscription they say I have. I would think twice about using this site.
Maria | 18/12/17 - 18:47
They just took some money from my bank account without even asking for my consent !!!!!!!!