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lbayliss | 15/07/19 - 22:14
They charged my credit card on June 29, 2019 without my authorization. Now their website is not available to access so I can get these charges refunded.
Leone Mendoza  | 08/11/18 - 21:30
I want this stopped immediately. I tried to cancel at the beginning but didn’t happen. Please refund all charges
Danish  | 04/11/18 - 01:37
They charged me 9aud even tho I never used it!!
AP | 12/08/18 - 12:19
Despite showing you membership is 0.00 dollars. They still charge you a amount.
CV | 28/07/18 - 11:44
They immediately charge you some arbitrary amount of money despite stating at the beginning that no further charge will be made. Scam