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OAINKJOHNSON2@AOL.COM | 27/11/18 - 18:24
I was led to believe that I could get a "free" iPhone if I walked through several screens which led me to a page on which they asked for my credit card information. I stupidly completed that info (cc #, exp date, etc), but then I lost continuity and never figured out how or when I was going to get the iPhone. This month, my credit card company (Chase Bank Card) charged me $9.95, which I immediately disputed. In the past, they have removed several of these scam charges and hopefully will do so in this case. I now believe that Ayito is a streaming site, similar to Netflix. However, I do not know how to access them. Anyone know?
Joanna Johnson.  | 25/11/18 - 09:08
They discounted 15. 95 a month. I just noticed that I don\'t have any service with ayito. Net. Are scammers.
Inge Bondo | 16/10/18 - 10:41
They take money out of your account for nothing, once they have your bankinformations | 19/07/18 - 17:36
These people are real fraudsters. They first took my card details saying that I will not be charged. Then they charged me 1 $ for nothing. Today I saw I was charged 2.95$ without at all visiting the site. This is a total scam site. Beware!!! | 10/07/18 - 21:59
I want to cancel | 01/12/17 - 02:29
Complete scam! I did not authorize them to charge my account. I called my PayPal to report the fraud they refunded me canceled my PayPal debit card and the next day they charged me again! I tried calling the phone number listed on their site and it\'s not a working number!