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damir | 14/06/18 - 18:39
Clanco | 29/05/18 - 11:30
Google needs to police this site. It is a complete scam. Contact credit card supplier immediately to get your card blocked. Put in for a new card if you can. Am surprised this site is still up and running
Nhea178 | 28/03/18 - 01:14
They charged me even though it says free and now they have my details what can i do
David | 13/03/18 - 11:56
What do they do once they have your credit card details?
jenn | 03/12/17 - 01:31
once you leave the scite it wont let you back on.
sam | 17/11/17 - 22:22
it required credit card. and you Will be charged even though it says it is free.