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Chung Smullen | 11/02/20 - 12:22
This is a short review to bring to your attention the excellent job 2cloud team did on solving the phpBB database connection issues I had. They managed to get my database up and running again quickly. And they took over and managed to re-install and re-create a phpBB3 database for me for future use. The were both very helpful, quick and efficient.
Javier Riemer | 11/02/20 - 11:49
2cloud did all the work for me - they offer a free migration service - and, apart from a quick check that everything looked as it should, there was not much for me to do. I had no website downtime nor lost any e-mails.
Keenan Borgia | 07/02/20 - 08:55
Excellent - well done and keep it up. I signed up 4 months ago and 2cloud tech support people have gone the extra mile to make sure my site was up and running as soon as possible. Your servers are lightning quick. My blog has never been faster. I\'m a very happy customer.
Colin Trees | 29/01/20 - 12:16
Thank you again. I can’t believe you even called me from your home. I can’t thank you enough! You did a great job! 2cloud provider offers the best, prompt, professional service that I have seen of any of the hosting providers. We are very happy with the speed with which we have been able to set things up and get them going. Keep it up and Thanks!