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Maximo Dayton | 19/11/20 - 08:00
I\'ve been with 2Cloud VPS hosting for a long time. Uptime and reliability are taken as featured features. The pricing is right and flexible because you can pay monthly. So go give them a try.
Franklyn Fridley | 10/11/20 - 11:03
This is a short email to bring to your attention the excellent job team did on solving the phpBB database connection issues I had. They managed to get my database up and running again quickly. And they took over and managed to re-install and re-create a phpBB3 database for me for future use. The were both very helpful, quick and efficient.
Nick Zuckerman | 20/10/20 - 09:12
Low price barrier to entry and high end support, that\'s the whole hosting package from one provider! And the best of all, they said it usually take 2-4 days, but wow, it took like less than a day and everything was migrated! I\'m really a happy customer from day one up to now. I did not made a mistake trusting hosting provider! Customer since 2019 and counting! Keep it up guys! :)
Morris Gambill | 12/10/20 - 09:18
Great Hosting at a Great Price! I am a web designer/developer and have used a lot of different hosting providers. consistently delivers a solid product at a price that you can\'t argue. Make way Apache, Litespeed hosting is where its at!
Glen Franqui | 08/10/20 - 14:26
Extremely and painlessly satisfied dealing with hosting provider and the team. The hosting service is superb. Servers are stable - this what I was looking for long time. I can highly recommend this host to all those who read my review. You will not be disappointed, dudes!
Todd Shellhammer | 05/10/20 - 13:52
Fantastic service. Support is lightening fast and I\'ve never had any down time. VPS is so much better than other hosting providers I have dealt with. The FTP connection is the fastest and most reliable I have seen EVER. Really nice hosting service.
Hilario Cool | 28/09/20 - 13:38
More then enough for me. Thanks 2cloud provider! It is not one of the biggest web hosts here or over there, but they are really fast and reliable. The main advantage for me at the present moment is no outage. Yeap. I have been with them for 6 months and have 100% uptime. If they keep doing such service for me - they will get me as client for ages!
Dannie Belle | 24/09/20 - 14:25
Highly recommend 2Cloud dedicated hosting solutions. It\'s the first one who has my site up and running in no time, where I can define virtual directories myself, all in full trust and which really performs at high speed. I tend to place fairly technical support calls.
Gonzalo Pillow | 22/09/20 - 14:52
I am happy with 2cloud VPS hosting. There is always a very intelligent person on the other end of live chat who takes care of your needs immediately. All in all, their support is top notch and there services & pricing were easy to understand. Great Web Host!
Dylan Zelaya Raya | 21/08/20 - 13:26
I totally recommend 2Cloud hosting to anyone who would like to set up a website. As a beginner, I look forward to using their more advanced features, which I plan to learn about through their tutorial video library. For me it was excellent support they really helped me in a fast and good way, reconsider to continue using this hosting provider.
Randall Diem | 18/08/20 - 14:25
I moved my site to 2Cloud from another high-profile host because of site speed issues using wordpress. Support team is outstanding - friendly and professional. All issues I ever had were solved quickly. Thanks!
Andrew Aguila | 10/08/20 - 13:49
My experience has been great and I will definitely continue using 2Cloud hosting services. They are very good service, excellent customer service via chat and email. It\'s a nice web host because they offer a wide range of plans for each kind of users. It is well priced and within everyone\'s budget. Setting up my site was easy!
Cliff Kwak | 05/08/20 - 13:56
The support side, I have nothing negative to say. Fast and effective. 2Cloud is the best hosting service I have ever seen. Their ability to respond to all, including questions on the CMS itself. I’ve never seen this, and my ca amazed, and less than 10 minutes response temp, is a plus!
Kennith Ekhoff | 31/07/20 - 14:25
Now more than ever, I recommend 2Cloud web hosting solutions to all people looking for professional web host to host wordpress, Joomla, Mambo, e-commerce, phpBB forum, etc. I like them. Great web host for hosting any website. Their VPS hosting is super fast compared the speed I have had with my previous hosting provider.
Fred Vester | 21/07/20 - 14:13
I am blown away regularly by how great their service is. Everything positive I\'ve read about 2cloud web hosting has turned out to be true. I can wholeheartedly recommend them. They have great prices, and even offer ways that you can get free hosting. Give them a try, You will not be sorry! Recommended.
Arlie Learned | 13/07/20 - 14:45
In my life I first signed up with 2cloud web host in this year. They have good email support and live support with instance solutions. They also helped me to build up my site. Their interface is so easy for me. So that I use this site properly and I like their work and service. I am happy with them.
Andre Shelley | 22/06/20 - 12:59
I\'ve used 2cloud hosting service for quite a few of my websites over the 3 months and I\'ve never really had to go anywhere else. They offer great customer service and the hosting is fast and easy to set up on multiple sites. They load fast and they are up 100% of the time which is really important for me and my web sites. Great job, 2cloud team!
Jamar Aylesworth | 15/06/20 - 15:43
I\'ve had my site and several sub-domains hosted on 2Cloud hosting plan for over 7 months, and have had nothing but positive experience. The customer support and knowledge-base is outstanding. Huge repository of answered FAQ, and they respond very fast to any questions I have. I had an issue setting up SSL for one of my clients and called them. They not only knew what the issue is, but they fixed it and sent me an email letting me know it was up and running.
Danilo Barksdale | 11/06/20 - 10:45
Although not one of the best providers for cost per gigabyte provided, the reliability and services makes it a good value. Thumbs up to 2Cloud service! Their price isn\'t the cheapest around - but for what they offer I can\'t find anybody with better pricing. This decent host is for people who need a stable webhost with reliability and friendly support.
Jackson Parish | 10/06/20 - 15:53
I have the starter package offered by 2Cloud web host and must say that there are many useful feature for running any kind of web sites. Uptime is good. They are not deceptive as most others whose claims are later found false. Their live chat support is very quick and agent will get to you in a seconds. Tech support is good and resolved several issues with getting my SQL database moved over from my old host.
Raphael Denk | 02/06/20 - 13:23
Would like to say 2Cloud hosting is very stable. Few failure. I think it is a trusted host service provider. They helped me get things up and running QUICK, and I had most of my email and websites transferred over to their reseller account package in less than an afternoon (5+ sites total). Technical queries no longer frighten me so much as if I send an email I know a response is never far.
Darnell Ottesen | 29/05/20 - 10:45
Switched to 2Cloud 3 weeks ago. I read a lot of good things about them. Pricing is very reasonable, especially on long-term plans, and they are very reliable. Their server uptime is great, customer support is pretty good. One-click install apps are very useful. And the way they deal with problems is just excellent, there´s always someone ready to solve your problems within minutes.
Alton Sattler | 21/05/20 - 15:56
Overall I\'m happy. I can recommend 2Cloud web hosting service to other webmasters. Since moving to this host i have had nothing but peace of mind. They seem to appreciate how much our success depends on them delivering the goods. They provide monitoring, pro-active support, technical support 24/7, and improved server performance. They more expensive BUT NO down time, no data loss and no worries. This is priceless to us.
Tommie Mccoll | 20/04/20 - 14:37
I have to highly recommend for their excellent customer service and the technical expertise. From the beginning stages of design to the customer service and support, they listened to our needs, responded with speed and professionalism!
Vincenzo Hose | 14/04/20 - 14:21
It is a common thing that most hosting providers do not have knowledge skills on what customers do with their account, but not with web host. These guys were able to get me up and running in minutes at 1:30 a.m. They\'ve always answered me ASAP and were able to set up my webmail account, which was really nice to get - thanks! They also have speedy customers service. Recommended.
Arnold Foxwell | 10/04/20 - 14:36
I\'ve been with them for more than a year and so far I\'m very happy. To me the hosting experience with is more personal and that extra level of service is easily worth the few extra bucks. The control panel is easy to use. My only little gripe is that the website sometimes seem a bit slow - though that could be due to my own connection. Still they offer services like none other. If there is one thing i love about them the most, it is there tech Support.
Luther Barksdale | 08/04/20 - 14:51
I have to say that provide to me really good latency and connection speed so I and my clients are in touch. That is very important for my business to have such a fast web hosting service and I have to say that I\'m really happy to have that with this decent web host. And with the prices they have, you can\'t go wrong.
Rocco Basye | 06/04/20 - 11:16
I have a site there for a year and a half. So far i haven`t noticed any downtime. I guess there should be but it was so small i didn`t notice it. 2cloud support is second to none. They have demonstrated great skills in server and crisis management. Support is decent, they have a ticketing system that they usually get to you by within 6 hours.
Rusty Saterfiel | 03/04/20 - 15:35
I really appreciate 2cloud for their VPS hosting solutions on web. Before I have tested 5 hosting providers but was not satisfied. I left my last hosting provider because they repeatedly made a mess of billing and servers went down a lot. I am very surprised by 2cloud support. I wasn\'t expecting much. But the times I had a question, they responded within a couple hours, will a polite, and detailed response. The speed may be a bit slower than other web-hosts, but not too slow at all. Good service!
Jamar Campas | 31/03/20 - 15:37
This is a great website. It\'s easy to use and tech customer support is the best I\'ve ever seen. Can recommend their hosting for those who are looking reliable place to host their web sites and keep them online and accessible for visitors.
Chung Smullen | 11/02/20 - 12:22
This is a short review to bring to your attention the excellent job 2cloud team did on solving the phpBB database connection issues I had. They managed to get my database up and running again quickly. And they took over and managed to re-install and re-create a phpBB3 database for me for future use. The were both very helpful, quick and efficient.
Javier Riemer | 11/02/20 - 11:49
2cloud did all the work for me - they offer a free migration service - and, apart from a quick check that everything looked as it should, there was not much for me to do. I had no website downtime nor lost any e-mails.
Keenan Borgia | 07/02/20 - 08:55
Excellent - well done and keep it up. I signed up 4 months ago and 2cloud tech support people have gone the extra mile to make sure my site was up and running as soon as possible. Your servers are lightning quick. My blog has never been faster. I\'m a very happy customer.
Colin Trees | 29/01/20 - 12:16
Thank you again. I can’t believe you even called me from your home. I can’t thank you enough! You did a great job! 2cloud provider offers the best, prompt, professional service that I have seen of any of the hosting providers. We are very happy with the speed with which we have been able to set things up and get them going. Keep it up and Thanks!