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Marsilius | 04/04/17 - 15:52
I am big fan of quality services provided by Hostwinds. These guys know what to do with servers and how to make them bullet-proof. I am really impressed how professional their support and prices are fair. Good job.
Siddiq Kadeer Assaf | 31/03/17 - 13:14
Don't go anywhere else! Really! Thanks Hostwinds! I enjoy being with them.
Bailesh | 21/03/17 - 14:25
For me is truly quality hosting provider with decent service and 24/7 available tech support. By now I have never experienced slowdown or low stability. Everything is working as intended and servers are maintained properly.
franky | 17/03/17 - 14:18
I have been using Hostwinds for over then 6 months and I'm satisfied with their services. Fast and good ones. Support was not really fast for me, but they managed to solve all of my issues.
Moore Tanguay | 14/03/17 - 13:35
Mainly they take care of all the techincal issues within timely manners, so you get the chance to concentrate on the business side or the functional side of you website. Their prices are also reasonable, and they offer a variety of options.