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Bobby Dantonio | 20/04/17 - 10:54
There is no question to me the service at fozzy hosting is cool to all others. One of the many reasons I do not plan to leave them and gladly been recommended them to my friends and family.
Berniece | 14/04/17 - 16:31
I signed up with this host and everything went very smooth. The uptime is very good and I haven't faced any problems yet. I submitted 1 ticket and the support was fast and helpful. They have a brilliantly designed knowledge base where one can find almost anything! And if not there still is the tol free call support and ticketing system.
Morgan | 11/04/17 - 16:03
I have used PhpBB, Invision Power Board, MkPortal, OsCommerce and the only thing some needed was a ticket to fozzy asking to change some php.ini variables. All in all I say fozzy is awesome and people with complaints are just a minority, you can't please everyone and all companies have some problems now and again.
Shalon Stuber | 07/04/17 - 12:10
Easy to manage my site, interface is not that complicated, and the support is the best. You get fast resolution of issues and you can talk to a person who knows stuff. Great job fozzy. I highly recommend you. In fact I did make couple more sites for my friends and used Fozzy. With my general knowledge of Linux and help from the support team, I was able to install only what I wanted to meet my PCI compliance. I am impressed with the quality of their services.
Maggie Morabito | 27/03/17 - 11:58
I've never had a major problem with downtime, the servers are reliable. Great service, great prices. Two thumbs way up! Fozzy team is professional.
Broder Caru | 22/03/17 - 15:52
As a non-profit, public service organization with no budget, a basic shared hosting service is a great thing. We needed a method of electronic data distribution and, of course, a web page is the best way to go. For our needs, fozzy have been a real lifesaver in that we can use the tools to easily edit pages. In addition, PHP scripting is an excellent feature.
Federico Kosell | 16/03/17 - 15:19
Happy using fozzy web hosting service. Uptime is perfect. My rating reflects the grief they have now given me, due to their inability and unwillingness to make an update screen available for scripts. My last web-host would sometimes take days to respond to your help ticket. It's good cheap hosting. The supports good and they always seem prepared to go out of their way to get things done. Great web-host so far I highly recommend it!
Berkman | 09/03/17 - 15:30
As for their server speeds, they are standard. Everything works good. My website is up and running and I love it! Their list of extra software installations is huge and their Site Studio is really easy to use. Recommended. Uptime is great and the support team are amazing, they go beyond what is expected to help you. Could not have asked for a better hosting company in my opinion!
Loreen Uhlman | 24/02/17 - 07:12
I've been working with Fozzy ssd host for about 2 months now and I've had nothing but great experiences with their services. Thanks to them I was able to build multiple websites and learn more about it.